Monday, December 26, 2005

Post Office after the holidays

I certainly hope the Post Office is less crazy after the holidays than before. I have several things I need to mail and I really don't want a 45 minute line, nor do my kids :). One of the things I have ready to send is another completed comfortghan for HMB. This is for a request that came via the website. We got absolutely flooded with requests this month. The only reason we can figure out is that it all happened at the same time the Better Homes & Gardens Simply Creative Crochet hit the stands and there is a reference to HMB on page 8. We received over 100 requests in less than 2 weeks time. I am so very impressed with the members of HMB. They have really rallied around and taken on assembly assignments and been making and mailing squares like crazy. WTG!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Tickled PINK!!

I recently had a birthday and I must share what DH got for me. He got me the new Pink Squeeze from Quickutz and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it~!!! It also has an alpha, Olivia, with it that is wonderful. I was, and still am, super surprised. I had no idea my hubby even knew what Quickutz is let alone how fantastic a present this would be!!

A great big THANK YOU to my DH!!

Monday, December 19, 2005


Finally, some snow that might stick around. Lately it has just been cold. Really cold, like the 13 degrees at 9 am with a daily high of 21 cold. Yesterday it warmed up a bit and then last night the snow came. It even snowed off and on all morning and the ground was covered in white. I am not holding my breathe for a white Christmas though since it is getting even warmer and things are turning to slush. At least it is pretty right now!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My baby is seven

Yesterday my "baby" turned seven years old. What a day. This is a super fun age for birthdays and holidays. They enjoy everything about them and just let the day be all about themselves and their happiness without being at all selfish. Many adults, myself included, could certainly learn something from this.

Saturday, December 10, 2005


Went to the movie RENT last night. My MIL took myself and my SIL, who both have Dec birthdays, to dinner and the movie for our birthday present. Usually we go to a live production of some sort, but there wasn't much playing that interested us this year. Since a couple of years ago we had gone to the traveling production of RENT we decided it would be interesting to see what happened to it in movie form.

WOW! I was pleasantly surprised. I had forgotten how much I love the music in RENT. I can't stop humming this morning. There is nothing like a live production, but the movie was well done and I enjoyed it. It certainly gets five stars from me!

This story is one that really touches me. Primarily because I know that there are those for whom this is a portrait of reality and daily life. I am reminded how blessed I am and how, had the circumstances of my birth been different, it could also be my daily life. I am also reminded how important friendship and family are in a person's life and that family takes many different forms.

Friday, December 09, 2005

DONE!!! - for now

I have officially finished my ASL 3 class. I took the final last night and the instructor graded them on the spot and provided us with our semester grade if we wanted. I wanted! "B" No surprise, it is what I expected going into the final. Now, the overacheiver part of me is upset it is not an "A". The other side of me that sat in that class, did the homework and projects, and knows that I gave it my best is pretty darn proud of that "B" because I know I earned every bit of it!! The instructor is an excellent teacher and is very fair, but he doesn't give you any slack. So, now I can enjoy the craziness of the holidays and the 47 thousand December birthdays in my family then prepare for ASL 4 to start in January.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Comfortghan mailed

I have mailed this comfortghan today to a lady who's Father has passed away. This one is pretty special as my Father died almost 8 years ago. There are times that it is harder than others and the holidays is often one of those times because of all the good memories.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Breeding Yarn

I have been working diligently to use up the yarn I have on hand. I do not have tons and tons, but I do have several boxes (think the size paper comes in). I am only purchasing yarn when I need a specific color for the assembly of comfortghans, mostly white for OPH. The rest of the things I am only allowing myself to use what I have. Goodness knows that I have enough sock yarn to keep me busy for a while. I also decided that the colors I have available for squares are just going to have to do and when they match a request they do and if not, then they don't. This has an awful lot to do with the full shelf set of boxes in my garage. Now, not all of that is yarn, there are also several boxes of thread. I know, that will take my lifetime to use up one bookmark at a time, but at least I am trying!

So, yesterday my DH is helping me to get down the Christmas decorations and he says "Do you want me to get these other boxes of yarn so you can consolidate?" I don't even remember that I have TWO MORE boxes of yarn. So, which is worse 1. that he knows about the boxes and I don't or 2. that I have been working on my existing stash to make room for several months, but I still have to tell him there is no room to consolidate?

I swear, this yarn must really be angora instead of acrylic because it is "breeding like rabbits"!!!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

In Honor of Nathan Clemons

This OPH comfortghan was assembler in honor of Marine PFC Nathan Clemons.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

In Honor of Cory R. Mracek

This OPH comfortghan was assembled for the parents of Army Sgt. Cory R. Mracek. Thank you to all those who helped by donating squares and supporting our goal of comfort!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

I have had a truly enjoyable day. I spent the morning and early afternoon at a class at my LSS (local scrapbook store). I made a DC case calendar and it is so cute! I am debating if this is still going to be the Christmas gift for the person I intended or if I am just going to keep it for myself. I do have a desk now :).
I also picked up some additional paper to do another covered comp book and looked around at ideas for the altered book I am going to do. I saw a really neat technique that involved purchased lace, fabric glue and really fine glitter. It was beautiful!!! This will definitely make the pages of my book someplace.
The evening is being spent watching the Stanford vs Notre Dame football game while working on hexagons for the group LA4PRR. Oh yeah, and brownies just came out of the oven. It doesn't get much better!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thankful for What!?!?!

Ok, so it is Thanksgiving and time to list what we are thankful for. I have the usual list and sincerely mean it. My family, a roof over my head, employment and general financial security. I also have some additional things to add to the list.

I am thankful that neither myself or my kids were in the car when the jerk hit it in the store parking lot.
I am thankful that the security camera caught the entire thing on tape including them stopping, getting out and looking at my car then getting back in a driving off.
I am thankful that the police officer making the report finds this sort of thing reprehensible and has a 100% solve rate on hit and runs.
I am thankful that the police have enhancement equipment so that hopefully we will be able to read the license plate of the jerk who hit my car and didn't leave any information behind since there is a clear shot of the back of the vehicle.
I am thankful that the store I was at has copied the video to a disk to give the officer on Monday.
I am thankful that when I called the officer to let him know it was all caught on tape he was even more excited than me.
I am thankful that I have car insurance that will help pay for fixing my car.
I am thankful that said insurance company will go after the jerk that hit my car for the $500 deductible amount for me should they find him.
I am thankful that I have an appointment on Monday morning for the insurance assessment of the damage to my car.

So basically, I am thankful for many things this year. Did I mention that I am thankful for my family? :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I have never claimed to be an organized person. I do claim to try. This work thing is really testing my abilities. I, literally, had a package I was hauling around in my trunk for a WEEK to get to the Post Office. Oh, and get this, I drive right by the Post Office to and from work!!! I am struggling to schedule my time more efficiently and I will succeed, now is just a bit trying.

I have to say that I am really loving the job. I had forgotten how truly enjoyable what I do can be. It is a great ego boost when clients and business associates remember you four years later and tell you how excited they are to have you back! Not quite as great as when my youngest gives me a great big hug and tells me I am the best mom in the whole world, but still very nice.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Mailed to Cheyenne River

These items, including the quilt, were mailed to Childrens Services on the Cheyenne River Reservation. Please contact me if you would like to contribute to this wonderful and needy cause!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

New Patterns

I have a friend, Chris Simon, who has just published three different pattern books for crocheted twelve inch squares. I helped test a couple of the patterns so can definitely say they are well written and the squares are GORGEOUS!! Take a look!


Saturday, November 12, 2005

Pictures of auction items!!

As promised, these are the items I won in the auction at the Charity Crop. The mini covered comp books were made by Gayle, the full size comp book was made by Sara D. and the pencil box was done by Tina. I absolutely LOVE all of these!!

Monday, November 07, 2005

The Charity Crop

The scrapping group I am part of had their annual Charity Crop and Auction on Saturday, Nov. 5, 2005. This was the first one since I have joined and it was a BLAST!! Many members were in attendance so I got to meet new people (well, put faces to names) and see some I hadn't seen in a long time. We had two members who taught fantastic classes. Great job ladies!
In addition to the fun, there was a silent auction of items made by members in order to raise money and several raffles available to purchase tickets. I did not win a raffle, but I did win some of the auctions I bid on. I will post pictures later, trust me, you want to see these!!
Our group was able to, in one night, raise over $2500 for Ronald McDonald house and several of us also brought in items that were on the Ronald McDonald "wish list" such as dishwasher soap, microwave popcorn, etc.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Work and Fun

It is official. I start back to work on Monday. I think that everything is worked out so that I will still be home when my kids are home and also have time off during the week to attend school activities or spend time volunteering. If at any time the arrangement doesn't work for me or my family then the working stops.

I am super excited for this weekend. The statewide scrappers group I am part of it having a Charity Crop. Our selected recipient of funds this year is the Boise Ronald McDonald House. What a great cause. I will get to meet several women I have not had the opportunity to meet yet as well as spend time cropping, shipping (good thing I am working again :)) and taking some fantastic classes. There are also all these wonderful donated items for both auction and raffles. WOW!! I can hardly wait!!!

I had a lot of fun making paper bag books and have been looking at the altered books people make. Six months ago I would have said, "Why?". Now I keep saying, that looks like fun!! I am hoping to pick some brains this weekend of these talented people for ideas and inspiration. A little encouragement would be good as well.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Smurf Turf

Yes, the astroturf at Boise State really is bright blue. Do not adjust your television sets, just get some sunglasses and enjoy the game. It is not really very cool and I think it was an awful decision, but then, I get upset that people donate so much money to the athletic program and the students are meeting in portable classrooms and kicked out of the parking lot during Friday games so that non students can cook hamburgers and drink beer before the football game. All these arguments about how a great team bring recognition and more money to a school are well and good. However, what would happen to the football team if there was no school.....................?

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Looks like life is going to throw me a curve. Just as I begin to figure out what is going on and that perhaps I really can handle everything on my plate I am going to change the rules! Yep, I am going back to work. I really have mixed feelings here and am in a bit of a panic. There are all these things I need/want to do first. I MUST do some turning out so it is easier to keep the house clean and the outside obligations have to be cut down. This is going to be the hardest as they all are important and I really hate to try and figure out if one is more important than another.

Speaking of, I knit and crochet (depending on my mood) the leprosy bandages. Recently, this article was shared with my and it brought tears to my ears. It really brought things home.

Monday, October 24, 2005

It has a home

The "banked" comfortghan now is in the mail and on the way to a new home. It is destined to share some love and comfort with a gentleman who has found he has a brain tumor. I hope he knows we care and are wishing him all of our very best.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Nine more!!

Woooooooo Hooooooooo!! I just heard that ABC ordered nine more episodes of Commander In Chief!! I am really liking this show. It has little to do with a female President and a lot to do with Geena Davis. That said, I am enjoying how the writers are handling the role of a woman President and a male First "Lady". The best though is the youngest daughter and the assorted things she has for breakfast :).

If you haven't been watching, it is not too late. Just be sure you know that Donald Sutherland is the bad guy!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Baby Blue

This comfortghan is being sent to the parents of a little 7 month old boy who passed away due to very tragic circumstances. I can only begin to imagine the pain from the loss of a child and I only wish there was much more I could do to help them.

Monday, October 17, 2005

The answer is no

I did not drop off the face of the planet and yes, I have completed some things. Did you ever have too many pans in the fire and not only that, they all began to be finished cooking at the same time? Repeat after me, I would love to, but at this time I just can't. I would love to, but at this time I just can't. So, did it work? That's what I thought!!
It isn't just learning to say "No", it is deciding what to say "No" to. It absolutely can not be things with my kids including the volunteer time at their school (even though I really HATE lunchroom duty at the Jr. High) and it can't be school since I pay money for that so at some point it is going to have to be something else. I just have to figure out what.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Yes, that is me. So, we are shopping for things for Halloween costumes the other day. My youngest wants to be the Grim Reaper. We get the skeleton mask and sythe, but they want $25 for a cape. I think, NO WAY, I can make that for like 5 bucks. My son gets very excited that Mom is going to make his cape. Everyday when he gets home from school he wants to know if I have made it yet so on Monday I went to JoAnns to get the stuff to do so.
They only had patterns in adult sizes so I am now modifying it to make one to fit a 6 year old. Not only that, fabric is not cheap and I need a bunch for a cape with full sleeves and a hood! So, I get the one sale Costume fabric and it is the slip satin stuff. I am absolutely insane to be doing this. Note that with the cost of the pattern (40% off) and the fabric (50% off) I am still at $17. Then there is the time and altering patterns is not really my strong point.
After spending all of yesterday and half of Tuesday working on it, I have it completed except for finishing the edges (that will take another full day) and I am pretty proud of it and my son LOVES it. Next time though, $25 is fine with me!!!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Comfortghan ready

I have assembled another comfortghan. This one is what we called "banked". That means that I did not have a recipient assigned while assembling it and it is now ready for a situation that needs the speed of an already completed ghan. The yellows and blue really make for happy combination.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

In Honor of Cory W. Brooks

This OPH comfortghan is being sent to the parents of Army Staff Sgt. Cory W. Books. Please know our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Thank you to those contributors that helped to complete this comfortghan.

Monday, September 26, 2005


Pictures of another pair of sideways mittens with a Tychus hat.

Also the quilt now it is tied.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sock yarn scarf

WOW! This scarf is really cool! You have to scroll down a bit, but that she worked it side to side lengthwise makes it turn out pretty neat IMHO. Someone else translated that she used leftover sock yarn and #3 needle with CO of 300. Maybe...............................

Cold and cold

So, the weather has been icky, gray and cold. Now I have developed a cold so I feel icky, gray and cold. Not a lot of fun for me or those around me. My voice is almost nonexistent, but fortunately, so far this morning, the chills are gone and my throat actually feels less sore. Seems to be a good day to sit and work on projects. Unless the medicine prevents me from focusing :).

I did get the quilt tied and was very unoriginal and used white. I know, I know, but the top is so colorful that I am not worried about it being boring.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

What color?

I have finished a small (45 x 60) quilt and need to tie it. What color should I use? The back is tea stained muslin.

I haven't gotten this far with the denim one yet. I have to piece together the red flannel for the backing and just seem to keep putting it off :).

I do have another OPH comfortghan almost completed so I am getting something done.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Dirt anyone?

We are packed up and ready to go camping. Two nights and three days in a camper with my family. The weather is predicting cold and rain. Sure is a good thing I love these guys because we are probably going to be very close and very stinky!!!
I have packed my needles, hooks and yarn so should be just fine. I also packed the Uno cards for everyone else so they will leave me alone while I play :). See you in a couple of days!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Busy, busy

This weekend was very busy. Not just with family, but with crafts and projects! I was able to FINISH the quilt top for the denim quilt I have been working on. I have been saving old jeans for over a year and periodically cutting them into 7 inch squares. I completed a top that is 16 x 11 squares. It should be plenty large enough for my older son's bed. It is intended as a Christmas gift for him. If I am able to collect enough denim, I will do one for the younger son as well, but his might need to be another Christmas. I went and purchased the batting and flannel backing yesterday. OUCH! Even with the batting at 40% off and the flannel on sale it still was almost $40!!! Good thing the denim was free ;). Maybe I will have it all together except for tieing it by tomorrow afternoon.

I also was able to get another comfortghan completed and ready to mail. This is for a woman who recently lost her Mother. I hope she finds peace and comfort.

Friday, September 09, 2005

In Honor of Kyle W. Burns

This comfortghan is to honor Kyle W. Burns and is being mailed to his parents.

Thank you to all who contributed squares in order to make this possible.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Tychus I love you!

What is Tychus you say? That is the name of the pattern used to create this wonderful, warm and EASY hat to go with the sideway mittens! The pattern is designed by Brooke T. Higgins and can be found at I see many more of these in my knitting future as well.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Sideways mittens

Aren't these just the cutest? They are from a pattern developed by a lady on my Native American Support Yahoo Group and it is a wonderful pattern! Easy to do, easy to follow and look just how stinkin' cute they are!! I can hardly wait to make a bunch more!!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Another way to help

Dear Stamping Friends,
USArtQuest has found a small, yet significant way to help those who will for
some time, be living in makeshift housing of our devastated south. We know
that once the evacuees have reached a point where essential life-needs are met,
they will also need something to keep their spirits up.

The employees of USArtQuest will begin assembling Card Art Kits on October 1.
These kits are to benefit those suffering from their overwhelming sense of
loss, by providing a bit of art therapy. Hands can stay creatively busy, while
helping hearts heal. Although the process of evacuating and relocating may take
several weeks or months, our project will also take that long to assemble.

This is how you can participate:
Please gather your friends, your cardstock and pretty Christmas stamps, new,
old, juvenile, pretty, elegant, cute and in-between – all just begging to be
used. Stamp and emboss at least 6 Christmas/Holiday cards with envelopes and
send them to USArtQuest.

DO NOT color them or do anything to embellish them in any way, other than to
stamp and emboss. Pre-layering images is acceptable. We want nicely stamped,
but plain cards. Please put postage on the envelopes and 6 cards into one
zip-lock bag. If you use dark cardstock, please enclose a piece of white paper, so
that personal notes can be written with regular ballpoint pens.

USArtQuest will supply the brushes, watercolors, stickers, additional
paper/card, markers and the oodles of donated creative materials, as well as do the
assembly, packing and shipping of the kits to the affected areas. Those who
receive the kits will have, for at least a few hours, the opportunity to sit,
paint, embellish and finish the cards for their friends and family for the
holidays. We all know that something as small as sending or receiving a card can be
very important. But, more importantly, these handmade cards may be the only
gift they can give this year.

Our goal is to send 200 kits, each kit having enough materials for 12 people.
(That means a staggering, 72 stamped cards per kit.) If we receive more
cards, then we will assemble as many kits as the cards support. We would like to
ship the first pallet of kits, by mid-October. If my arrangements to personally
distribute the kits does not happen, (my sister lives in Houston), then we
have asked that Points of Light Foundation and the Salvation Army to begin
distributing the kits in late October.

If you would like to include ribbons, stickers or other creative materials
not commonly carried by USArtQuest, we will also include them in the kit boxes.
If you are able to participate, please begin sending your cards, with postage
attached and/or materials to:
USArtQuest, Inc.
7800 Ann Arbor Road
Grass Lake, MI 49240
Attn: We Care

With heartfelt thanks and prayers for our neighbors,
Susan Pickering Rothamel
USArtQuest, Inc.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Coming Soon

Pictures that is. I have two comfortghans almost completed. One is an OPH and the other is for a cousin of a friend. Both are very pretty and I am excited to share the completed projects with you!!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Katrina-help for those in need

Feeling useless and like you need to do something to help those who's lives have been forever changed due to the effects of Katrina? What is the BEST thing you can do? Send money. Seriously. I know that people want to gather together the needed items and send them, but truly, the best way to get this accomplished is to donate funds. Don't have any, but have extra blankets and clothes? Hold a yard sale and send the earnings. Where to donate? There are many reputable organizations, but please be sure your money will get where you want it to get. Some you might want to check out are : LDS Humanitarian Services, America's Second Harvest, The American Red Cross, or anyplace you prefer. The listing at NPR also has organizations that need volunteers if that is something you are able and inclined to do.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


As I see the images on the news I am heartbroken at the destruction I see. Those who have suffered please know you are in my heart and prayers. Please stay safe and know that there are many who care about you and the safety of your loved ones.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Stitches from the Heart

The local chapter of Stitches from the Heart met today for brunch and we all brought our completed items for mailing. These women are AWESOME! I am so glad to have the opportunity to associate with them. This is all that were able to make the brunch (minus me since I am behind the camera). Look at how many items were collected!! The small batch is what I was able to contribute this cycle and is included in the complete picture.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

A Girl Can Dream

You all have GOT to check out this room!! WOW!! First, I must say that the sheer volume has me impressed. Next, the organization is awesome. Normally I would wonder with that much stuff how anyone could possibly use it. The way she has it all set up though and I can see it is possible to do so.

I have been busily working away on baby/preemie items. My local group of Stitches for the Heart has a brunch on Saturday and it is the time to take completed items. My thinking is that anything I finish is that much less yarn I have sitting around not doing anyone else any good. Baby caps crochet up very quickly so I have been able to get quite a few done in addition to some sweater sets and a few booties. I'll get a picture of everything before I hand it in :).

I am also actively debating my decision to take the ASL 3 class. I think the teacher is going to be fantastic and that I stand to actually learn a lot about the language. However, in order to attempt to make it fun, this class will involve a lot of games and performance type situations. Now, I have no problem with being in front of the class or any other group. I also have no problem using the language and learning. The problem is that if you say "Act out three things you do every day" my brain will totally FREEZE and I will have that deer in the headlights look and not be able to come up with one single thing. See my problem? That is the type of thing this entire semester (and probably most of next semester as well) consists of. And I pay money for the privilege!!!

Monday, August 22, 2005

One More Week

My kids start back to school in one week! The summer has gone by so fast. We have done many fun things, but not near as many as I would have liked. I hope the nice weather holds for a bit longer so that perhaps we can fill the weekends with activities!
As for me, I start school tomorrow night!!! YIPES! I have heard that this instructor is really hard. Now, that is both good and bad. I want someone who is going to really force me to learn the language (American Sign Language) in more depth and require that I communicate properly with regards to grammar, etc. I mean, that is why I am taking these courses, especially at level 3. However, the perfectionist in me is very nervous. I am very grade driven and will be working like crazy to try and get an "A", but if it is tough, then it is tough.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Army Pfc. Isaiah R. Hunt

This was made in honor of Army Pfc. Isaiah R. Hunt and has been mailed to his mother.

A great big THANK YOU to those that make and contribute squares to this project. We would not be able to succeed without your contribution.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I have been "tagged" by Sherri. Now, this is interesting and has given me cause to think (not always a good thing!!).

id*i*o*syn*cra*sy - a structural or behavioral characteristic peculiar to an individual or group. Write down 5 of your own idiosyncrasies, then if you wish, tag 5 people.

1. Rude people really irritate me. I don't even mean flat out blatantly rude, but the people who think nothing of jumping in line in front of someone or cut people off on the road. WAIT YOUR TURN!!!

2. I tend to wipe down my kitchen counters an excessive amount. Now, to me it is not excessive, but it is more than many people I know. If there is water from doing dishes, wipe it down, crumbs from making sandwiches, wipe it down, etc. Tiny bits that many brush off require a full wipe down for me. Not just the area, get the whole counter, I have the soapy cloth out anyway, right?

3. Since learning to crochet, and now knit as well, I am unable to watch television without something for my hands to be doing. I find myself restless and unable to focus on the program I am watching.

4. I can not fall asleep without reading in bed, even for just a short period of time. It doesn't matter if it is 2 am when I get home, I still must read in bed.

5. I bake when I am bored, frustrated, angry, just about anything, but ALWAYS when I am bored. I may or may not even eat any of it. It is not uncommon for me to bake batches of cookies and not eat a one.

So, do these qualify? Yes, no, maybe? I hate to think what else I may have come up with if more were needed. In all fairness, #1 is probably a personality trait rather than an idiosyncrasy, but it does make me crazy!!!

So now, tag to Jessica, Knitboy, Allison @ Simply Socks (who are having a HUGE sale on sock yarn!!) , Goldi, and Jabber.

Let's see how it goes :).

She's Here!!!

My niece arrived yesterday evening. Sorry, no pictures at this time :(. However, her arrival is so exciting!! Everyone is doing well and healthy. She weighed in at 8 lbs 4 oz. Great job everyone. Now bring her here for me to hold!!!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Idaho Scrappers

Last night was the Anniversary crop for Idaho Scrappers. This was their 5th anniversary. I have only been part of this group since April, but they are so wonderful. They are warm, welcoming and extremely talented ladies. Thank you to Cindy for starting this group and thank you to ALL of them for being who they are and allowing me to share their company.
As promised, I am posting pictures of some of the cards I made to include in the gift exchange. Let me just say that the gifts were fantastic, each and every one of them. It was pretty obvious that many, ok most, did not adhere to the $7 - 15 guidelines :). I worked very hard to stay within that and now feel a bit guilty that the recipient of mine may have been a bit short changed. Now I know for next year!!

Friday, August 12, 2005

New toy

I have a new toy. I love it! Since Brandt is Deaf there was absolutely no way I could not purchase this die cut. I have so many uses for it. I got it from The Memory Zone. They were wonderful to work with. If you have any interest in purchasing one, please contact them. You can also find it on EBay for a lot more than you will pay at The Memory Zone, but hey, it is your choice.

I wanted to send my sister some of the cut out versions for her use, but figured she needed them in a baggy in the card so she would have a clue as to what they were. I bet just having all these little shapes show up would be pretty confusing. Using the pop dots under the fingers and adding the flower is optional. The details show up just fine flat as well as when three dimensional. It certainly is fun to play with and I have so many ideas running around my head!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2005


I have completed the altered comp book and journal jar I was making for the my contribution to the charity crop. The Idaho Scrappers group has a charity crop and auction each November to raise money for a worthy cause. We vote each year, prior to the event, on the recipient of the funds. I have been working on this for several weeks and am happy with the completed project. The colors are so much nicer than I am able to share with you. (good digital camera for Christmas please Santa :)) The flowers on the book and jar are ones from my garden that I pressed. I hope someone likes it enough to purchase it.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Finish Fever

It is a very nice feeling to get several "in the works" projects completed. I also finished knitting a pair of gloves for the Native American Support Group. They were a fun experiment in sideways knitting as each glove was done in one piece. The picture is one sewn up and one not. They look kind of silly before they are sewn :). The pattern can be found here. Wouldn't these be fun with each finger a different color?

I am participating in a gift exchange with my local scrapbook group this Saturday. The exchange rules are a gift of $7 - 15 and something handmade then wrap and do not tell which one you bring. I have completed the shopping and the creating. I can't post a picture because it is a secret, LOL, but have taken one and will post after Saturday. This was fun to make, but the shopping is really hard without knowing who the recipient will be since we all have different tastes and different supplies we already own. Having not been part of the group last year to help me know what is expected, I do so hope it is ok.

Monday, August 08, 2005


WHEW!!! I have completed making the gift for my brother and SIL before my niece is born. Now I just have to get it in the mail!! This jacket is approx. a 12-18 month size and I am sending it in addition to the dress and bonnet I made. I sure hope they like it.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Marine Lance Cpl. Dustin V. Birch

In Honor of Marine Lance Cpl. Dustin V. Birch. This will be mailed out to his family on Monday.

Friday, August 05, 2005

What's for dinner?

Have you ever tried a new recipe and everyone loved it, but when you went to make it again couldn't find it? Is there a solution to this problem? Do I really have to recopy every recipe my family likes into my personal recipe card box or book? There must be a better way. Any ideas?
I lucked out this time and since I originally found it on All Recipes a search of the site with key words found the it much faster than I expected. So, next week on the menu is Honey Almond Chicken. Serve with some couscous and fresh green beans from the garden and enjoy :).

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Vacation was wonderful! It was probably the most relaxing one I have been on with my family. Often times they really are a lot of extra work even when they are fun. This one wasn't. It was so nice.
The Hogle Zoo currently has a butterfly exhibit that is AWESOME! They get the chrysalis shipped in and then have them in a "hatching area". When we were there we saw a newly emerged butterfly drying his wings. They receive many varieties of butterflies and then they are flying loose all around you in a wonderful garden setting. It is breathtaking and if you get the change, GO!

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Out of here

We are going on vacation!!! Headed to Salt Lake City for a little R&R!! Some of out destinations include Lagoon and the Hogle Zoo. Have fun while I am away!!

Friday, July 29, 2005

Hot, hot, hot!!

It is one hot day when it is too hot to swim! Took the kids to the pool and after about an hour they begged to go home because it was just too hot!!! Kids, gotta love 'em :).

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Rockstar INXS

So, I thought the concept of Rockstar INXS was dorky and I am not a fan of reality shows, but, I am hooked. Not so that I absolutely can't miss it, but it is entertaining! I know this next opinion may not be popular and even my DH disagrees with me. INXS just can not have a female lead vocalist. Why are there even women in this contest? It would just be so wrong. Ok, I said it, you don't have to agee, but that is my opinion. All that aside, Jordis knows how to ROCK! Way to go girl!

Tonight, didn't see that coming, but I certainly agree with the decision.

Shark Boy and Lava Girl

Saw this movie yesterday with the kiddos. Is the thought that if they spend a lot of money/time on special effects then they don't need to do so with the storyline or script? Having never seen a 3-D movie before, I found that pretty cool. For about the first 10 minutes. Then I needed the movie to have something to offer. I have admit that the idea of flaming purple hair is pretty cool, but the rest......................................

Glad it was at the $1 theatre and the kids loved it.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Socks and carpets

I finished up my socks that are the current pattern for the Six Sox Knitalong. It is year two and we have two months per pattern. I LOVE this pattern and wish you could see the finished project better to get a full appreciation. That is what I get for using a dark yarn ;).

Got the carpets cleaned today so I am kneeling in soggy carpet to type. Not a lot of fun so I'm gone for now, LOL!

Monday, July 25, 2005


I have completed the gift outfit to mail to my Brother and SIL. I am trying to finish one more thing to go with it, but we shall see :). The pattern can be found in the Red Heart small booklet titled Crochet for Babies book 375 published in 1992. The pattern is actually done longer in more of a Christening Gown style, but my SIL has the one that both she and her Mom wore so there was no need for that. However, they do attend church every Sunday and little girls can never have enough dresses so I hope this is something they enjoy as much as I enjoyed making it for them.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Brandt's Big Day!!!

My baby lost his first tooth!!! He is so excited and his Mom almost burst into tears.

Friday, July 22, 2005

10 years!

WOW! My hubby and I celebrate our 10 year anniversary today. That sounds like such a long time, but I can't believe it has been that long. It seems to have gone so quickly. He always laughs at me when I tell him I can't wait for us to be old together. I am really looking forward to having him to myself without the pressures of work and kids in our home. I love my children dearly and LOVE being a Mom, but I also look forward to being able to sit and read the paper with my hubby because no one has to be driven to any activity or helped with homework or have a costume made, etc.

Thanks Joe for the great years you have given me!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Drew asked for it

Drew got it.........(anyone else with the Toyota jingle running through their head?)

Seriously, pictures of the kitchen :). Now keep in mind artificial light, no flash, etc., etc. and know that the walls really are white, Swiss Coffee to be exact :). Is that not the greatest paint job in the world?

I am also going to share some photos of the really neat border paper I found that goes perfectly with my new (only a couple of months old) floor and the existing cabinets. Found the paper in the DOLLAR STORE! This hallway I refer to as a kitchen is starting to look like it is my kitchen instead of the person who used to live here. About time since we bought the house nine years ago :).

Look at this

Check out this new cutter that is meant to be coming to market. Amazing! I can not even imagine how the technology on this works, but it sure looks cool! Guess I better start dropping quarters in my penny jar!!!

I found this really neat list of ideas for alphabets uses at Scrapjazz. It is organized as an ABC list (cute) and has some things I had not thought of.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

My aching neck and temptation

I painted the kitchen today. The ceiling just about killed me!! I can't decide which hurts worse, my neck from looking up or my shoulder from the painting. Yes I can, my neck!!

It is a good thing I have been kept busy. Have you heard about the sale at Sizzix? I soooooooooooo want a Sizzix Sidekick (and some different sizzlits of course!) and they are having 40% off. RIGHT NOW until the end of the day or the item runs out. That means I could get the Sidekick and starter kit for, get this, $29.99!!!! There would be shipping added, but if I get enough sizzlets (also at 40% off) to bring my order to $100 then there is free shipping. Oh this is so tempting!!!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Observations of Summer

Summer is meant to be a time to relax. To go fishing, go on picnics, go camping, enjoy the nice weather, etc. So why is it so stinkin' much work? I really believe that I am busier in the summer than I ever thought to be at other times of the year. I am even going to include the holidays in this statement as they are only a month long and summer is three!! Maybe it is all the projects. Maybe it is all the preparation work that goes into the relaxing activities (pack the picnic, pack the camper, unload the picnic, unload the camper, you get the idea). Maybe it is just because there are so many options of things to do I just schedule more. Maybe I just want to have so much fun with my kids I have a harder time fitting the "regularly scheduled programs" into my day. Whatever the reason, I am ready for a BREAK!!! The bad news is that I know when I finally get one (not tonight as I have a Charter School Meeting) I will sit down on the couch with my crochet hook or knitting needles to enjoy a program on TV and it will be............ a RERUN!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Completed comfortghan

Despite all the adventures in painting, I was able to finish another comfortghan and it was mailed today. This one is for a special friend from one of my Yahoo Groups who recently lost her sister.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

By any other name.........

White is white is white. The white inside my house on all my walls and ceilings is, drumroll please, Swiss Coffee. Now, with a name like that you would think a little tan right? You would be wrong. However, it looks fabulous!! I am absolutely exhausted and still getting things set back up, but my house looks so clean. LOVE IT!!

Friday, July 15, 2005

New tags!!

Look! The new August tag kit from Get Croppin' is posted! Isn't that just the cutest! I absolutely LOVE this monthly kit club! Everything they have ever sent is completely awesome!! I am a little worried this month as tearing paper is not something I am very good at. I know, that seems really silly, but it is the truth. However, I bet I can do that tiny bit at the bottom of a tag!!!

Get Busy Girl!!

My SIL is due to deliver my new niece in approx. 4 weeks!! ACK! I better get my little (ok not so little) hiney in gear!! The gift is 2/3 complete. I need to get it finished and then I'll post a picture before mailing!

Last night I finished up another comfortghan. Have to get it washed, tagged and bagged (ready to mail in CSI speak) and then on it's way. I will take a pic of it for you all to see. This one is in greens and joined and edged with a lemon yellow. It turned out really pretty!!!

Hubby's friend is in town. He works as a painter and came to do his Mom's house. Since he brought all the equipment anyway, we convinced him to do our ceilings while he is here. We will pay him of course. Yesterday I went to select the paint. Did you know that there are 47 thousand shades of white? WHAT!?! I could hardly believe it! Then my needlework/ arts and crafts personality came out. I kept wanting to take the paint chips to the window or outside in natural light to compare them. That is all well and good, but for this instance I need to NOT do that and only see how they look in the light of my house since that is the only place I will see them. This is a hard habit to not do!!

Thursday, July 14, 2005


After all that complaining yesterday I had the true pleasure of doing business with Too Bad Dogs, Inc. for the purchase of some additional quilling supplies. This is the second time I have ordered from them and I must say they are the most helpful company I have ever dealt with. They answer all my questions, give recommendations and the communication is FABULOUS!! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for any of the items they carry!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The good, the bad, and the frustrating

ACK! Very frustrated right now. I order things online that I am unable to find locally and for that am willing to pay the shipping. Now, I have found that very often this makes things pretty expensive so I try to order as much as possible from the same vendor and at the same time to help spread the cost. I also look for places that charge exact shipping or flat rates or reasonable amounts. So, I placed an order yesterday with a place and figured the average price was fine. I just got an email that HALF of what I ordered is unavailable so "your new total for your order is $______". Now, this is no longer what I consider to be a reasonable price for these items because of the shipping, but when I ask to cancel I am told all sales are final and that they have already been shipped. Not the most thrilled here and I know I won't give them my business again. :(.

Oh well, this happens sometimes and is the risk of ordering online. Guess I better enjoy my stuff!!!

Speaking of online ordering, I just found this company. Has anyone ordered from them? Where you happy with your purchase and/or service?

Sunday, July 10, 2005

In Honor of Carrie French

This OPH comfortghan has been completed and is being sent to surviving family in honor of Army Spc. Carrie French

another finished

The comfortghan for Mr. Vanlandingham is finished. It was requested that it be done in red, white and blue. Thank you to the contributors of the squares, it turned out so very nice!!

Scrapbook Organization

I am not the most organized person in the world. Ok, I am probably one of the least. I have learned some tricks to keep me from going crazy like having a hook for my keys and ALWAYS using it. I ran across this site and wanted to share it with you. There are some really neat ideas. Now, will I actually do them? That remains to be seen, but they sure look effective!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Homeward bound

The company is on their way home. I did manage to grab a few digital pictures (to go along with the 6 rolls of film) of my niece and nephew last night.

Aren't they cute? I enjoyed having them around and the house sure seems quite now.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Well, sort of..............

I was FINALLY able to add the pictures from the 4th of July. It didn't work as nicely as I would have liked, but I am only going to mess with it so long, and time's up!!

In the yahoo group LoveToScrap they do the monthly page goal and I got goodies from my partners for June. Kathy sent cute stickers, sunglasses charms, all sorts of fibers and quilled butterflies. Jeanette sent some really neat family themed ribbon and fuzzy red fiber. These are wonderful ladies! Thank you so much!!

On a sadder note, this attack in London breaks my heart. My thoughts and prayers are with them all. My mother is English and I worry about distant family at times like this. It is so sad that there are people with such little respect for other human beings.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


I can not for anything get the pictures to add to yesterday's post. I am finding it really frustrating, but as soon as I can, you will see them :). I have emailed with tech support and hope to hear back from them. I don't worry or feel ignored in these situations until it has been 48 hours and no response except the automated We got your question, did you look in our FAQ? Well, duh!! I wouldn't have emailed you if I hadn't!!!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Ok, so I have always hated this description and never really “gotten” it. However, it really seems the best description in this situation. Look at the ring my neighbor received from her hubby for their 23rd anniversary. Isn’t it just gorgeous? And the way it sparkles in the sun. Cliff, you have great taste! Marta is one lucky gal!

Our neighborhood had our annual 4th of July BBQ and fireworks show. This just gets to be more fun every year! This year we moved the grills to a shaded driveway and Mike and Joe, with Cliff’s supervision, cooked up a feast! (Joe is my hubby and he is the one in the white T-shirtJ). I know the picture quality is not the best, but I really wanted to share this with you. Soon, it was time to eat!!
The next event was a game of street Badminton What is street Badminton you ask? Well, it means you all stand in the street volleying back and forth and pretend you have a net and that bounces are fine as long as you keep it going. We must be getting quite the reputation in the extended neighborhood and we had several people come walking down the street with chairs to watch the fireworks. One of them even commented that they were told this was the best show in the neighborhood. Of course, I am sure that when there are grown men who think they are still little kids doing the shopping it helps (as does the stand outside of city limits selling all the “illegal” fireworks). I hope you had a safe and fun 4th of July!!