Thursday, October 06, 2005


Yes, that is me. So, we are shopping for things for Halloween costumes the other day. My youngest wants to be the Grim Reaper. We get the skeleton mask and sythe, but they want $25 for a cape. I think, NO WAY, I can make that for like 5 bucks. My son gets very excited that Mom is going to make his cape. Everyday when he gets home from school he wants to know if I have made it yet so on Monday I went to JoAnns to get the stuff to do so.
They only had patterns in adult sizes so I am now modifying it to make one to fit a 6 year old. Not only that, fabric is not cheap and I need a bunch for a cape with full sleeves and a hood! So, I get the one sale Costume fabric and it is the slip satin stuff. I am absolutely insane to be doing this. Note that with the cost of the pattern (40% off) and the fabric (50% off) I am still at $17. Then there is the time and altering patterns is not really my strong point.
After spending all of yesterday and half of Tuesday working on it, I have it completed except for finishing the edges (that will take another full day) and I am pretty proud of it and my son LOVES it. Next time though, $25 is fine with me!!!

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~drew emborsky~ said...

But the memory your son now has of Mom making it is priceless! As a kid I never had a store bought costume (too po) and I love the memories I have of helping Mom make one, then taking over costume duties myself around eight years old. I built a 6 foot totem pole costume out of cardboard boxes, I made myself into a giant lobster with paper grocery bags, etc.