Sunday, June 29, 2008

In Honor of Casey Casanova

I was watching NewsHour on PBS and at the end of each program they honor those that have given their lives in service and post the names. For some reason, Marine Lance Cpl. Casey L. Casanova's name caught my attention more than usual and I KNEW I had to find a way to get a comfortghan to her Mother. It became a personal mission to get the information needed to do so. I am very blessed to have great friends at HMB who were able to assist me in the process and never question why THIS one was so important. I am very honored to be mailing the comfort afghan pictured here to Casey's mother c/o her grandparents. Thank you to square donors and HMB for making this possible.

Friday, June 27, 2008

I have been tagged

I have been "tagged" by Debbie Hodge. First, I have to tell you a bit about Debbie. She is the author of the book I won called Get It Scrapped. I highly, highly recommend this book! It is NOT an organizational book. It is much different and helps you get all your pictures on pages and in albums. However, they are done with meaning! GREAT book! Debbie also has on-line classes you can take. More information and sample classes can be accessed via her web site.

Ten years ago.... I was pregnant with DS #2 and still not feeling so great. It was also only a couple of months after my Dad died AND I had started a new job. In fact, I think it was about this time that I told my new employer about being pregnant. I was also dealing with all the financial stuff in regards to my Dad's death. Wow, really glad all THAT stress is in the past!

Five things on my "to-do" list (only five?!?!?)
1-go to work
2-go to the bank
3-A-Stym appt for my knee
4-gym for physical therapy on my knee
5-per request from DS #2 - teach him to scrap

I enjoy....spending time with friends and family. I also really like that time in the morning when I am up before everyone else in the house wakes.

I have lived...for the last 13 years with the most wonderful man and husband a woman could want.

Now, I will tag

Now I should probably let them know :)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

200 cards

Have you ever wondered what 200 cards looks like? I KNEW you had :)
I decided to join in making some cards to send to soldiers to use. When I asked about inexpensive envelopes, my friend Kim volunteered to donate them. She brought over a couple of boxes and so I took it as a personal challenge to need them all. So, here are the 200 cards I made.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

In Honor of Steven J. Christofferson

This comfort afghan is being sent with much love and respect to the mother of Army Sgt. Steven J. Christofferson.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Maybe I need to buy a lottery ticket or two

I have to share all the FANTASTIC stuff that has happened recently. Since May 31 this is the list:
paid off the mortgage -YES!!!
my DH gave me roses
won a Bind-It-All
won a copy of Get It Scrapped
won another contest that has a scrap kit as the prize
the books I wanted from the library came in and were held for me
it worked out to go to the Opened Caption showing of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull
my youngest won an outstanding citizen of the year award at school
school is out for summer
and I know there is more that I haven't listed. I am in such a great place with all of this wonderful stuff happening that I just HAD to share!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

In the mail

This comfort afghan is being sent to a very dear lady and friend who is going through a couple of different surgeries right now. She is very loved and we wish her a speedy and easy recovery.