Thursday, June 05, 2008

Maybe I need to buy a lottery ticket or two

I have to share all the FANTASTIC stuff that has happened recently. Since May 31 this is the list:
paid off the mortgage -YES!!!
my DH gave me roses
won a Bind-It-All
won a copy of Get It Scrapped
won another contest that has a scrap kit as the prize
the books I wanted from the library came in and were held for me
it worked out to go to the Opened Caption showing of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull
my youngest won an outstanding citizen of the year award at school
school is out for summer
and I know there is more that I haven't listed. I am in such a great place with all of this wonderful stuff happening that I just HAD to share!


Kim Ross said...

Congratulations on all those wonderful things! You must be smiling ear to ear. Alex, if anyone I know deserves to have some marvelous things happen, it's YOU. You are so selfless and helpful and loving, and I am privileged to know you. *HUGS*

cjknick said...

OMG girl! These are fantastic things! I love the positive list; it's infectious!

Congrats to you and your family. I'm so excited for all of you!


Ginny said...

sounds like you've won life's lottery already...glad life is buzzing along smoothly :)


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you. In fact I'm in a better mood myself after reading your post! I wish you continued happiness for the rest of the year.

sara :) said...

Yay! Glad things are going so well!

Marie said...

WOW - I'll go in half-sies with you ;) I don't have that kind of luck, but you deserve good things for all that you do for others. Take care!