Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The difference between boys and girls

Having a teenage son I am learning some things. He just spent 9 days in Japan as part of a tour that we paid for him to go on. Lots of preplanned activities and things to see, 5 different cities, a ride on the bullet train,etc. For Christmas I felt it was important to get him the digital camera he had been asking for. Keep in mind I don't have a digital camera. He has been very excited - at least as much as he can be and still be cool! I didn't send him with a phone card, but he promised to email us. The daughter of a friend went as well.

The friend had a phone call and an email from their daughter after the kids first day in Japan. She emailed several more times and even attached some pictures for them to see.

My son emailed his Dad -not me!- the last full day they had in Japan and did not take a single picture! NOT ONE!!

He did seem to have a wonderful time. When I ask about what he saw I hear about the 8 stories electronics building and seeing the Bandi building, etc. However, if I just let him tell me things as he thinks about them I hear about the Golden Palace and some of the gardens, etc. I am glad to know that he enjoyed some of those things as well :)

Monday, June 18, 2007

The old lady in the mirror

KEEPS SHOWING UP!! I swear I do not know who she is and why she is here, but I would really like her to go away. Now she is bringing all these strange places for adding some extra weight. What is with that? I have been very consistent about going to the gym and have never had to fight a weight issue, gain issue anyway, in my life. I am that person you all hated that had problems gaining weight. NOT NOW!! This really sucks and I don't like it and I don't even honestly know what to do!!! This is all new territory. Why it is starting at the same time I am actually trying to exercise, also a new thing for me, I do not understand.
Ok, I just had to vent someplace because most people I know look at me like I have three eyes or something and tell me I look fine and to quit worrying about it. Obviously that is NOT going to happen :).

Monday, June 11, 2007

Summer is here!

All the things with my Mom have been resolved. She is still very much in the healing process, but well on her way to recovery. That was a very difficult time for everyone and I am glad we are through some of it :)

The kids are out of school for summer. This is so exciting!!! I really look forward to getting to do things and spend time with them. I would love to take the summer off work as well, but I do get to cut back my hours so we can participate in more activities. Of course, my oldest thinks he is too cool to do stuff with his mom, but if I let him invite a buddy he is more open to the whole thing. Time to enjoy the outdoors and the fun!!!!