Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reflections on the year and 2012

Note- this is what I put on my 'getting healthy' blog and decided to share here as well.  Thanks!

I was thinking the other day about all the things I want to do for 2012.  It is that time of year you know.  I was thinking about the Spartan Super in 7 weeks and wondering if I am really ready or just how crazy I am and so glad to have my brothers doing it too.  Thinking about being excited to to the Race to Robie again this year.  Thinking about my daily grind and how to make it less of a grind.  Part of me became very overwhelemed.  I had to step back and instead reflect on 2011.

One year ago:
I had not started running and learned that after the first 1 1/2 miles, I LOVE it.
I had not gotten to know my friend Betty so well and I am soooooooooooo blessed to have her in my life.
I had not considered running the Race to Robie, EVER.
I had not done a 5k.
I had not done a half marathon.
I had not finished a FULL MARATHON!!
I had not considered signing up for a Spartan Race.
I had not realized how much power is 'IN ME'.
I had not fully appreciated the amazing friendships I am surrounded by (how many people do you know that will come run part of 22 miles with you and support you on the rest of them during their weekend retreat?-thank you Kimberlee!)
I had not realized and appreciated how silently supportive my fabulous husband is even when he just doesn't 'get it'. 

I am truly blessed!

Now, it is time to build on this.  Really build.  I have made so much progress, but I am not done!  I will constantly BE a Work In Progress.  That is what it is all about.  So, for 2012...

I will continue to set goals for competitions.  I have learned these are what keep me motivated to get out there and MOVE.

I will continue to improve my eating habits.  I have learned (but need reminded sometimes) some things about myself.  Sugar is my addiction.  I love sweets.  I am very much one of the one bite is too much and the entire pan is never enough variety.  IF I do not have the one bite I am fine.  Once I do, the will power is out the window.  I completely agree with everything a person reads that one bit will satisfy and the first bite is the best, etc., etc., etc.  If you can do this, DO!  It is correct.  However, I need to just not have it.  That is when my will power works.  I can say no to the entire spread, until I start, then the will power no longer exists.

There truly is NOTHING that tastes good enough to do situps, pushups, 5 mile run and burpees for.  NOTHING!  Not even creme brulee, and for those of you that know me, you know what I just said.  I can NOT complain about the way I look and eat the way I have.  That is hypocritical.  If nothing changes, nothing changes.  The ONLY person responsible for this is ME!  I either want it enough or I don't.  End of story.

My time is valuable.  I need to spend it doing things that make me happy.  Now, with regard to my daily grind.  I only have a certain level of control there.  BUT I can control how much I invest.  I will give it my BEST on a consistent basis.  Yes, I will have bad days, but since I am there I need to truly 'show up'.  Will it be perfect, nope.  Will I survive, yep.  Can I give more, most certainly.  I am being paid to be there, I need to give what they are paying for.  Show up, put up and shut up - or get out.

Life is too short to be surrounded by misery.  People who drain me, may no longer get my energy.  I can love people and care about them, but I can NOT change them.  I can't help anyone who doesn't TRULY want it.  That is not mean, that is taking care of me.  The only person I CAN change.

For the last several years, a group of gals I am blessed to know have participated in an exercise to select a word for the upcoming year.  This year, I spent a lot of time thinking and am actually reusing one from several years ago.  My word for 2012 is STRENGTH.  I have learned there is more strength in me that I realized and I need to call on it.  I also need to develop more of my physical strength, intellectual strength and strength to be the best I can be.  I want to continue to strengthen the wonderful relationships around me.  I am truly blessed and should nurture that!   I want to be an example and source of strength for those around me that wish to have it.

So, what did you DO and LEARN in 2011?  How will you 'TAKE IT FORWARD"? 

Wishing you all the very best in the upcoming year of 2012, and THANK YOU for being part of my journey this far.

lots of hugs and strength!
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bombshell HOP - Give it to me baby!

Welcome to my stop in the Bombshell HOP this month!  I hope you started at the Bombshell Blog, are enjoying yourself immensely, and are coming from Torrey's Blog.  If not, still LOVE that you are here, but you will not want to miss any of the Bombshell creative goodness from this hop!

This month for the Bombshell Hop we were challenged to make a gift item! What a GREAT challenge! I had a fabulous idea to make this composition book cover!

Now, before I get into the details of how I did this, I have to tell you I will be keeping it for myself.  I will also be making another one.  :)

So, first, I grabbed the heavy duty canvas material I purchased (with a coupon cuz this stuff is expensive!) and traced the outline of the book. and cut parts out for the inside flaps.

Next came the sewing part.  I zigzagged all the edges so it could fray, but only to a point.  I did the same with the straight inside edge of the "flap" and then stitched the cover to the flaps.

I wanted the closure to be this vintage gold button I have with an elastic loop.  The only elastic I had on hand was white, so I took ink to it first and then stitched it in as I was attaching the back flap to the cover.

Tried it on the book and everything worked PERFECTLY!  After looking at the canvas, I had this brilliant idea to tea stain it.  You know, I have never done this before, but it can't be that hard, right?  The only black tea I had on hand was a chai one, so the house smelled yummy!

I grabbed the hairdryer to help dry things out and then ironed it flat.

Now- let me give a little tip.  No, make that a BIG TIP!  IF you intend to do this, please, please, PLEASE measure, cut out and sew it all together AFTERWARD.  This stuff shrinks like CRAZY!  Of course, I was not smart enough to double check right her.  Nope, here is what I did next.
I grabbed my fabulous Bombshell sets, brown ink and began decorating!

 I used images from the Alter Skulls, Butterfly Queen, and Bombshell Angel sets.  Then I grabbed my Copics and started to add color.

It really is lovely, LOVELY!  

and now it is also TOO SMALL!!! 

So, here is a nice close up picture where you can't tell it shrunk and that the book no longer get 'covered' by the cover and can't fit inside the flaps.  I will also admit that for a moment, I considered what it would take to cut down the comp book.  I also considered not sharing my mishap.  However, I figure, learning experience for ALL of us, right?

And now you know why I will be making another cover.  Because in the process I fell in love with this and really, REALLY want one for myself that actually FITS! 
Your next stop on the hop is Alaine's Blog.  I am sure she has a fabulous project for you that actually worked the first time!  If you get lost, I have the complete list at the bottom of the post for you.

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Bombshell Blog:
Sparkly Engineer Mary:

Thursday, December 22, 2011


I have been having a lot of fun creating holiday cards with Sweet Pea Stamps images, but today I decided to shift gears a bit.  I have loved this image by Joanne Schempp since I first laid eyes on it, but this is the first I actually got to create with it.

This image is called Peaches and can be found on sheet #142  with three other beautiful images or by herself.

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Merry Christmas Lynette! Sweet Pea Stamps HOP

The design team got together and we all wanted to let Sweet Pea Stamps owner, Lynette, know how wonderful we think she is.  We decided a great way to do so would be for those of us who could do so to have a special Merry Christmas Lynette HOP

I am highlighting Love Is Gone, one of the earlier images by chin-chou kuik found on Plate #29. 

Lynette, I hope you have a fabulous holiday season and thanks so much for another great year of Sweet Pea Stamps!!!

Now, hop along to Angela's BLOG to see her fabulous creation.  Be sure and leave her some love while you are there for a chance to win a 3 piece grab bag of images!!

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

3 Wishes

That is the name of this lovely image3 Wishes, part of the Adventures of Loli and Poppy collection at SCACD.

I paired this lovely image with paper from the My Minds Eye Happy Go Lucky paper and used my Viva Decor pearl pen in white to add to the frame around the image.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Beyond the Burtonesque Dolls is having another challenge.  This time it is to be inspired by an alternative Christmas movie.  I absolutely HAD to create this tag inspired by A Christmas Story.  That movie makes me laugh every single time I see it!

Hee, hee, hee.... I crack myself up!  I used the leg from the Butterfly Queen stamp by Bombshell Stamps and drew on the fishnet stockings.  The lamp shade is freehand cut from yellow cardstock.  The ribs are drawn on and the shade shaded with the fringe drawn on as well.  I hope it gives you a bit of a giggle too.

Beyond the Burtonesque Dolls - Inspired by an alternative Christmas film
Smudgy Antics #18 - Inspired by book, poem or film

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fairy Hollow

A few weeks ago, one of the new releases from SCACD was a wonderful set called Street Views drawn by Victoria Case exclusively for SCACD.  I love every single image in this release!  This image is called Fairy Hollow.  I edged the the image with Viva Decor glitter liner in Sapphire.

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Do you know SEVENLY?

Have you heard of Sevenly?  Don't worry, I am going to tell you all about them!!!!  They are an amazing organization that makes it fun and easy for you to support a bunch of different great causes.  All you have to do is purchase a fabulous, limited edition design, t-shirt.  For you, for a friend, for a gift.  It doesn't matter.  For each shirt purchased $7 will go directly to the charity for that week. Check out just a few of the past causes and designs.

These numbers make me smile!

- Past Campaign Stats

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Sweet Pea Stamps - Holiday Hop

Happy BLOG Hopping Holidays from Sweet Pea Stamps!!!

I hope you have been joining in for the Sweet Pea Stamps Holiday Hop.  The DT has worked extra hard to show you how to change your non-holiday Sweet Pea Stamps images into holiday creations!  If you just happened here, thank you, and I suggest you start at the Sweet Pea Stamps BLOG with the full list so you don't miss any of the creative goodness.  There is also a chance to win a $20 Gift Certificate to Sweet Pea Stamps, be certain to read the details on how to enter!

I used the image Red Hearts by ching-chou kiuk on plate #28. I trimmed her away from the background and accessorized with a snow flurry.  She looks all ready for the Holiday Ball.

Now, you next stop on the hop is Jennifer's BLOG.  She is amazingly talented so be sure to leave her some love while you are there.

When you finish hopping, don't forget to swing by the images SALE and fill your own stocking!

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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

ONE TIME ONLY!!! - with Bombshell Stamps

Bombshell Stamps ONE TIME ONLY challenge!!!!

Bombshell Stamps is getting into the holiday spirit and wants to something to our loyal fans!

This challenge is a one-time only contest. Use any stamp to create a holiday card and share it us with in the Gamblers Anonymous section of The Casino in Bombshell's forum!

Each entry will earn one chance to win a $5.00 gift certificate to the Bombshell Store, which will be selected via a random draw. 

Use a Bombshell Stamp and you'll win two chances!

If you win using a Bombshell stamp (rubber or digital), you can win a $20.00 gift certificate!

The deadline for this challenge is December 31st. The winner will be chosen by January 5th!

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Stargazer ready for Christmas

Stargazer drawn by Carmen Medlin exclusively for SCACD is all decked out in her Christmas finest and ready for the holidays!

The velvet paper from SEI is an absolutely perfect backing for a holiday card.  I love this stuff and have really been hoarding it.  Guess it doesn't actual decorate anything well from my drawer!  Her wings have extra sparkle from the Viva Decor glitter liner in hologram.

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Friday, December 02, 2011

New Release BLOG HOP!!

WOOT WOOT!!  Isn't this fun?  I love new release days and I especially love new release days with a BLOG HOP!  Hopefully if you are hopping with us you came from Lorraine's BLOG.  If you haven't been hopping, you really want to check out the handiwork of the ladies before me in this hop.  You can find the complete list at the SCACD store blog Follow Your Heart

Today there are TWO sets being released.  Both have been drawn by Elisabeth Bell exclusively for SCACD.  The sets are Odds and Ends.  Fun!

Let me introduce PEACE from the Ends Set

I paired her with the Bo Bunny Ad Lib paper pack (currently on sale) and love the calm spring feel to it.  I could certainly use some sunshine and flowers around here!

Now hop along to Melanie's BLOG to see her amazing creation.  Be sure to leave her some love while you are there.

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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Rainbow Dreaer - Ready for the Holidays

I am having a lot of fun converting images I have to be ready for the holidays.  The latest was done using Rainbow Drear by Terra Bidlespacher.

I colored her using Christmas colors and had some presents all ready and stacked next to her.  I am really hoping that she is the present wrapping fairy and will see fit to visit my house and help me out!

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