Monday, March 31, 2008

You have got to be kidding!

So, the neighborhood boy that comes over every evening to see if my youngest son can play is here. One of the first things he does -after asking if they can play videos games - is proceed to announce that he has pink eye. LOVELY!!! Highly contagious and they are playing with and touching all sorts of toys. I would NEVER EVER send my kids out with pink eye. ACK!!!

Hope all the things they use can go through the dishwasher, because if not, they are going in the garbage!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

End of Spring Break

Spring Break is coming to an end. Today is it. The boys go back to school tomorrow and I return to work. I had most of Spring Break off work with them. It was WONDERFUL! I am dreading the return to the routine. I like the company of my kiddos and finding activities to do with them. I would like to have done more, but with the oldest being 14 it wasn't always cool to do the things I thought of or he was in the company of friends which hindered it some. Just part of the equation now though.
I hope that summer starts to work out better. The last 2 have been ok, but I really didn't feel like we got the fun time I was wanting with them. Looking forward to finding out if we can schedule better this year!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Some days

are just that way.
So, mine was ok. Not great, not terrible. Then I came home......
Had an electrician here to install a GFI in the kitchen - we didn't have one, not real safe. Had him do some looking around while he was here because of some concerns I had. So, $63 dollars later I need to replace two light fixtures that have surged or run so hot that the wires in the fixture are burned. Need to check all the attic wiring and at minimum replace what runs from those fixtures to the junction box. Ok, we'll be safer, right?
Next, as I am trying to get dinner on the table my boss calls. He has a $90 bill from Qwest for 2 months of website hosting service that they (not Qwest but another company) are saying I authorized. Now, I clearly remember in Jan. talking with someone who wanted to send information to review and multiple times they assured me that nothing would be activated or charged unless we called to authorize it. I said, sure send it, we would be interested. Well, they have ME on tape with that part, but nothing about having to authorize it before it starts and are claiming I did! Guess what, after I fight with them more tomorrow I figure I get to write my boss a $90 check and possibly another $45 if they have some 30 day cancellation thing. I can't expect him to pay if I am the one that got scammed, but I am NOT happy.
THEN----in the process of cleaning up from dinner -BIG thanks to my DH for doing the cleanup- we find that if we turn on the garbage disposal it trips the GFI. Oh, not good. Well, guess we put it on the list with the light fixtures. Even worse, same thing with the dishwasher. Guess it happens sooner rather than later. Like maybe tomorrow? This is not going to be cheap and looks like the can of worms is open. Now, time to squish them all!!

ARGH! This stuff all STRESSES ME OUT!!!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Comfortghan completed

and ready to mail to a gentleman who had his Mother pass away recently. I hope this helps him through what must be a very difficult time. Thank you so much to all who donated squares.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Sunshine Therapy

Yesterday the sun was shining, the temperature was moderate and the wind wasn't too strong. I put on my sweatshirt and ear covering headband thingy and went to clean up the flower beds. Oh the sun was WONDERFUL!!! I got a lot of work done, but there is much more to do. However, the therapy a bit of sunshine provides is truly amazing. Once I get out there, I could stay for hours. Sometimes it takes hours to get out there, but if the weather is right I love every second of it.
My teenage son joined me yesterday. Not because he wanted to, but I asked him to (in that you don't have a choice Mom voice ;) ). He was a bit of help and great company. I like that he was able to breathe a bit of fresh air at the same time. He was a bit amazed at the amount of work required and at how much was still left to be done. Yes, beautiful flowers grow naturally, just not at my house without a lot of work. However, the weeds and grass in the flowerbeds do FANTASTIC! LOL!