Monday, March 31, 2008

You have got to be kidding!

So, the neighborhood boy that comes over every evening to see if my youngest son can play is here. One of the first things he does -after asking if they can play videos games - is proceed to announce that he has pink eye. LOVELY!!! Highly contagious and they are playing with and touching all sorts of toys. I would NEVER EVER send my kids out with pink eye. ACK!!!

Hope all the things they use can go through the dishwasher, because if not, they are going in the garbage!!


Jennifer said...

Aack! How horrible...what was his mother thinking! Some parents, they just don't have a clue or just don't care. I hope your house stays clear of it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alex, That is my biggest peeve with school. Every time I volunteer, there is always student there that is visibly ill and should be home in bed. Each of my children had strep 4 times this year!
I inturn get a note from the school that my kids have missed too many days due to illness. Kids should be home when they are ill.
I love your blogs!!
P.S. Thank you for the card!

sara :) said...

Oh, I would be pitching a fit! Even I know better than that!