Thursday, June 30, 2005

I am woman, hear me roar!

DONE! I have completed the removal and re caulk of the shower in the master bath. Actually, the removal was a joint project. My DH helped last night with getting it off. Now, my DH is 6'4" and so both of us in the shower at the same time trying to get all this off was probably good for a laugh, but we did it. I then did the cleanup, etc. needed prior to recaulking so it could dry overnight. I applied new caulk this am. Now, wait 24 hours and see what happens :). PHEW! This was one of those projects that has needed done for some time and I realized that there was absolutely no reason why I couldn't do this one myself. There are some projects that really are easier done with assistance or that my DH is better at, but this one I knew I could handle. After all, I can outline letters on a scrapbook page with sparkly glue, how hard could it be to run a bead of caulk?

Speaking of scrapbooking, this came through a list I am on and I have to share.

You May Be Addicted to Scrapbooking if...
Warning Signs That You May Be Addicted to Scrapbooking

1. If you write to the friendly folks at Cropper Hopper to suggest a
2000 square foot tote transportable only by tractor may be
addicted to scrapbooking.

2. If you tried to bribe the school principal to let your unborn child
have a graduation diploma early because you found the best page
embellishments on sale this may be addicted to scrapbooking.

3. If you use 40 rolls of film to capture those special moments at home
during a 24-hour may be addicted to scrapbooking.

4. If you keep over half your supplies hidden in the trunk of the car
while simultaneously hiding the keys from your may be
addicted to scrapbooking.

5. If you force all 45 members of your extended family to sit on Santa's
lap at the mall because it would be a great scrapbook may be
addicted to scrapbooking.

6. If you refuse to take your child to the emergency room without
grabbing your camera may be addicted to scrapbooking.

7. If have tried to explain the benefits of skipping meals to save more
money for scrapbook may be addicted to scrapbooking.

8. If you carry one camera for black and white photos, one for
panoramic, one for 3-D photos, and one for color close-ups with you to
the grocery may be addicted to scrapbooking.

9. If you're now wondering why you don't have a 3-D camera... you may be
addicted to scrapbooking.

10. If your idea of a dream date is a man who loves to hammer your
eyelets and refill your Hermafix may be addicted to scrapbooking.

11. If you try to glue your child's tooth back into his mouth because
you want a better "before and after" page may be addicted to

12. If you refuse to take any more pictures, even at your daughter's
wedding, because you need to catch up on the ones you have
may be addicted to scrapbooking.

13. If you are considering hiring professional writers to do your
journaling... you may be addicted to scrapbooking.

14. If you think that you must take your scrapbook supplies with you for
a romantic weekend may be addicted to scrapbooking.

15. If the only recipes you collect any more are crop snacks... you may
be addicted to scrapbooking.

16. If own 8 different tools that cut a perfect circle... you may be
addicted to scrapbooking.

17. If you have figured out how to scrapbook while driving your car...
you may be addicted to scrapbooking.

18. If your kids know the only way they can participate in anything is
to agree to have Mom there taking pictures... you may be addicted to

19. If you believe Becky Higgins should have her own cable channel may be addicted to scrapbooking.

20. If your career aspirations include selling punchies and paper
piecings on eBay may
be addicted to scrapbooking

21. If you think it makes sense to leave tags on new clothes because you
are going to return them right after you take the pictures of your kids
wearing them may be addicted to scrapbooking.

22. If you falsely report your child missing so that you can get the
digital enhancements of how they'd look ten years from now from the
police department... you may be addicted to scrapbooking

OK, the REALLY scary thing, I had just been pondering behavior similar to #8 and thinking what a great idea it was. Perhaps getting a digital camera so that I can manipulate the pictures to get those different results is a better idea.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Tag, you're it.

Got an email that my Tag Kit for July is ready to mail and will ship on Friday!! Wooooooooooo Hoooooooooooo!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this monthly kit program. It is affordable, fun, I actually DO them, and I get to see and try new techniques and products on a small scale. Thank you to Get Croppin' for such an awesome club!

BTW, if you decide to purchase, I would be ever so grateful if you would list me as a referral. Free stuff is always nice :).

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Mailed :)

The comfortghan I was working on for Heartmade Blessings went out today. I think it turned out rather nice and I hope it brings comfort to the recipient. What do you think? The center square second row down was designed and made by Drew
It is his Groovy Loops square and is really a lot of fun! Many thanks to all the square makers for their contribution to these comfortghans. It would not be possible to provide so much comfort without their help.
Speaking of square makers, Janet sent me a box FULL of squares for the Operation Purple Heart project. They arrived yesterday and not only are they beautiful and perfect, she sent 36 squares! That is enough for three complete comfortghans. Thank you so much Janet!!

So, while I was out at the Post Office, I hopped on over to JoAnns. They currently have 50% off their own line of scrapbook accessories. I participate in a monthly page goal through a Yahoo group, Love to Scrap, and the other two people in my group made goal so I needed to pick up their goody to mail. There is a $2 suggested amount. I figure at 50% off that means I can get something a bit nicer and still stay in guidelines. I hope they enjoy what I send :).

I have to say that both the good and the bad in human nature always catches me off guard. Unfortunately I had an opportunity to experience the bad today. On the way back I was coming down the hill towards the turn off for my neighborhood. This is a main street and at that point the speed limit is changing from 45 to 35. At this time it happened to be pretty empty and myself and a van several cars lengths behind me we the only ones going north. A Mamma Duck was walking her babies across the road. Not the smartest duck, but there was plenty of time to stop without any slamming of brakes, so I did. The van behind me came to a gradual stop behind me and then proceeded to throw a fit that I had stopped. Folks, there is no way I could have NOT stopped and lived with myself. Now, had the road been packed and it not been safe to do so, that would have been a different story, but really. Why didn't they just go in the other lane?

Monday, June 27, 2005


First, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who left comments and sent me email. I appreciate your kind words and encouragement more than you can know.

Well, the latest news is that my baby brother is bringing a, get this, GIRL to my Mom's for the 4th of July!! Now, not only is he bringing her, but he is driving 3 hours to pick her up and then another 3 to take her back. Sounds rather serious, hmmmmmmmmmmm? Wish I was going to be there, but I already have plans here so it won't happen, but maybe the way things are going I will meet her very soon! She met the birthday rule so now we just need to find out her middle name to see if she fits that one. Regardless, if she meets one and he is bringing her home, it means it is time for me to get busy with a gift idea!!

Speaking of gifts, I have finally selected a pattern, ok three, for the gift for my due to arrive in August niece. I have also selected the yarn and actually am using some of what I have on hand so that is a blessing. Especially after spending this weekend going through it all, reboxing, and moving out of Brandt's closet. Guess it is time for him to be able to use it, but that was a huge project!! At least it is done now!

Current comfortghan is in the wash and will go in the mail tomorrow. I'll take a picture before I pack it up and figure out how to share it with you.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

WOW! I am not a complete idiot!

I have wanted to do this for soooo long and many thanks to Stashaholic for such fantastic directions!! She is a technical writer in another life and let me tell you, from an end user point of view, she is very good! Now, I just have to get the links thing all figured out and I will be good to go!

What are my current projects? Comfortghan assembly for HMB almost finished and much thought process going into the photo album of DH's 10 year reunion. I figure that since the 20 year is in July it is about time to do this one.

Twenty years!?! When did we, meaning me, get so old? Granted, my 20 yr is 2 years away, but still! This means that I have been married almost ten years. How did that happen? I wouldn't give up a single day of it. He sure has been one of the three best things in my life. The other two being the birth, well not the actual birth, of my sons. Great people = great life.

Question for the day: Why does grass die in the lawn, but grow like crazy in the flower beds?