Thursday, December 04, 2014

SCACD Holiday Inspiration Day!!

Today is a super exciting and fun day!  The DT and Friends of SCACD are gathering together to provide some inspiration for you this holiday season.  There is soooooooooooo much talent gathered and I get so anxious to see everyone's creations! 

I am going to share with you one of my favorite holiday Digis from SCACD

Isn't he just fun?  And seriously, how could you not love this face???

You can see all the rest of the inspiration and creations.  The complete list of participants can be found HERE on the SCACD blog.

Happy Holidays and have FUN creating!
Get Inky!

Friday, October 31, 2014

31 Days of halloween - Day 31

Caw, Caw! It's the most wonderful day of the year....
Caw, Caw!!  

 Vincent and I are so excited!  Today, TODAY, is HALLOWEEN!  Yeah!!  It is the bestest day of the year (take that grammar police!)  In honor of it being not only Halloween, Smeared Ink Friday and the last of the 31 Days of Halloween Alex has created a puzzle piece using a great image from the Smeared Ink Quoth the Raven Set

For those of you who might not realize it... this is a heart.  Yes, this is what they are truly shaped like.  Obviously, this image is part of the set because of the "other " Edgar's work, The Tell-Tale Heart.

Well, we won't keep you.  We have some candy to eat celebrating to do.  Enjoy the last day of creations and have a fantabulous time (grammar police, you are on my list today....) with the other Wicked Bloggers!

Edgar and Vincent

Thursday, October 30, 2014

31 Days of Halloween - Day 30

Happy day before Halloween!!  CAW CAW!!  We are almost to Halloween!!! We made it!!!

Vincent and I both say hello.  I am trying to get him to learn about the puzzle piece Alex has for us today, but can't get him to stop eyeballing the camera.  He keeps saying 'but I know they want to see my face'.  Can you see my level of being impressed?

Ok- onto the creation, this one you are going to love.  Honestly, Vincent should love it so not certain what his problem is - well I am, but pretty certain I would be censured.

I know, right?  The night sky, the jack-o-lantern, even the owl in the tree (although it would be better with a raven, the owl works).  Dang that Alex and her distress ink pads.  She really is getting some inky fingers and having fun.  There has been a big discussion here and she will be continuing the puzzle pieces into November and the assembled project.  However, she may not post daily.  I have also begged to be allowed to continue to host, and......she said YES!!  Only for the puzzle pieces, but hey, I can work with that.  AND NO VINCENT!  CAW, CAW!!!

Have fun checking out the creations from the rest of the Wicked Bloggers (list on the right sidebar) on this second to last day of the 31 Days of Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

31 Days of halloween - Day 29

Happy Wednesday to you - aka - Hump Day- right?  Halfway through the work week!  Mine too and as much as I am dreading the return to the cage, the relief from this mentoring gig is welcome.

Vincent and I would like to present to you another puzzle piece.  This one has been created to look like the wall paper that Alex would love having in a sitting room.  Alex has quite the sitting room designed in her head -and on Pinterest.  Wallpaper with this look, purple, sparkles and skulls, is exactly what she would like.

The background paper is from an older Kaisercraft collection and the skull image from Inkadinkado, and one of the earliest skull images she purchased, but still one of her favorites.

Have a fabulous hump day and jump on over to see the rest of the Wicked Bloggers, making it an even better day!

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

31 Days of Halloween - Day 28

Today's post almost did not happen.  There were some ruffled feathers, and then, some ruffled feathers, if you know what I mean.  Vincent has decided he doesn't need to ask to wear my hats, that he can just take what he wants.  That resulted in a beat down, brawl, fight, tussle, discussion without much resolution at the moment.  I can say that Vincent has a new... shall we say respect, for me at this time and we are both counting down the days to his departure.

Now - onto why you are really here.  To see what Alex has created and we are sharing with you today!

This puzzle piece is a fun one with a family portrait to share.  Wouldn't it be great if all our walls had family portraits like this on them?  Sharing the skeletons in our closets with the world?  caw, caw :)

Have fun at the other Wicked Bloggers and leave them some love.  I know there is a lot of hard work being put into this for your viewing pleasure.  Excuse me while I deal with my student.

Happy Halloween

Monday, October 27, 2014

31 Days of Halloween - Day 27

Happy Monday to you!  I am already having an ....eventful day.  Oh, and do you see what you have done?  Do you see it?

How could you miss it really?  Vincent has decided that he must wear fancy dress hats -mine you know and now you will never see me in my full glory again.  Vincent takes up the entire frame except for that teeny tiny sliver there on the right.  I know, just tragic isn't it!?

OK- now that we have discussed the main issue of the day, onto Alex's creation to share.  This is another image from AuroraWings by Mitzi Sato-Wiuff.  The name of this image is Madness.

I know that Alex had a very enjoyable time coloring this image.  She really finds coloring to be relaxing -give her more of that please, the girl needs to relax!  She is currently attempting to work her way through the collection of images she already owns (Caw, caw, caw, caw... oh excuse me, I couldn't stop laughing at that one), but I am certain that more will be added to the list as she goes.

We are down to the final week of 31 Days of Halloween and I -and Vincent- have certainly enjoyed your company this month.  Time to check out the rest of the Wicked Bloggers listed on the side bar and their creations for today.

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

31 Days of Halloween - Day 26

Good day, good day, good day!!!  I have a bit of a secret surprise for you today!!  Don't tell Alex though. She might lock me up early.  This is just between us.  First, though, what you came to see.  The creation Alex has for Day 26 of 31 Days of Halloween!

This is fun and spooky - yes those things can go together- puzzle piece today.  One of our furry friends is the main focus of this piece.  Can you guess which furry friend??????

Oh yes, that furry friend.  The one we only see in the light of the full moon. (doesn't that remind you of a romantic song of some sort- although I have no desire to look deeply into those eyes or kiss that mouth - CAW!)  What has been your favorite werewolf of all time?  Was it a scary one or a fun one?  Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf -yes you young ones, there was a Teen Wolf before..., or Alex's favorite was Seth Green "Oz" in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 

Now- for my TOP SECRET YOU DIDN'T SEE IT HERE surprise.
Caw, caw, caw.  For not preplanning which pieces were next to which it seems to be coming together without great mishaps. 

Now- time for visiting the rest of the Wicked Bloggers listed on the right sidebar.  I am super sad we are almost to the end of our 31 Days of Halloween, but also very very glad Alex didn't bow out of it.

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

31 Days of Halloween - Day 25

It is SATURDAY!  Do you know what that means?  It is the weekend and that means no Vincent.  He has the weekend off!  Last weekend, I was not thrilled.  This weekend, I am welcoming the silence.  CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW.

We have today, for your viewing pleasure, another altered puzzle piece.  I think that later today, while Alex is occupied elsewhere, I am going to start putting together what has been completed for a teeny tiny sneak peak.  I'll try to sneak sharing it with you as well, if you want that is.

Oh yes, the collection of eyeballs.  Doesn't every self respecting Witch and Mad Scientist need a jar of eyeballs?  Or even a couple of jars???  Or a jar and a box?  Or a jar in the refrigerator?  or....
 Alex used Glossy Accents again to give the jar a glass look and sheen.  She does put it one very thickly when creating this look.  Good thing she is learning to let things dry before touching them (most of the time) and even better that fuzzball Vincent was not here to get his fluff stuck.

Have an absolutely amazing weekend.  I am headed for a nice quit nap followed by a special mission (wink, wink).  See you all later- after you have visited the rest of the Wicked Bloggers.

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 24, 2014

31 Days of Halloween - Day 24

DAY 24?!?!?!  WHAT??!?!?  Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.....

Ok - at the insistance of some of you all yesterday, I have allowed Vincent the use of one of my lovely hats.  You all asked for this remember.

Like he wasn't already taking up the entire frame, now... do you all see what you have done?  Oh yes, it gets worse.  Vincent is certain that you would like him to pose and share his entire glory with you.  I assured him that he was quite mistaken.  However, the tantrum that ensued was beyond endurance so here you are, you asked for it, you got it.  Vincent.
Vincent is looking quite dorky, ridiculous, pompous, dashing in his fancy dress today.  Don't you think?

Ok- back to the reason everyone is really here, Alex's creation!  and YES, it IS another puzzle piece.  SURPRISE!!! 
Alex and I had quite the fight argument debate discussion again regarding a gold tooth for the skull.  I am pretty certain that it is no longer a matter of being unable to find the pen.  I think she has hidden it.  I am now a raven with a mission.  I, Edgar Allen Crow, do solemnly swear that I will find that pen and get a gold tooth on one of these skulls.  I promise you.

Ok- on with you to the creations from the other Wicked Bloggers for 31 Days of Halloween.  While you are hopping around, if you come across a gold pen, set it aside for me.  It will be our little secret.  Caw, Caw.

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

31 Days of Halloween - Day 23

Caw, Caw, CAW!!!  There is so much excitement here this morning!!!  SCACD is sponsoring the 31 Days of Halloween again!!! CAW, CAW!!!   You can win prizes and all the details can be found right HERE.  Loving it!

I decided that fancy dress was appropriate for the occasion.  Vincent can do nothing but gawk at the image of the bird.  We have had a couple of discussions about the type of bird and that no, it is not the best kind, but it certainly is an acceptable kind.  Really Vincent?  Questioning me?  CAW!
 This lovely bird is one of the SCACD Digital images.  There are a bunch of wonderful images in the Digital section.  This one is called Gothie Owl.  For those of you that love owls, there is an entire section of Digital Images devoted to owls!  (I am certain that the one devoted to ravens will be along shortly and was just an oversight)  The background paper is great for this guy and the die cut is a fun addition.  Alex got both at SCACD.  I am not certain how much of the Halloween/Fall themed items are left, but rumor has it there are some killer (caw, caw, get it?) sales going on at the moment.

Now, run along to see the other amazing 31 Days of Halloween creations from the Wicked Bloggers found on the sidebar and don't forget you can WIN a fabulous prize from SCACD!

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

31 Days of Halloween - Day 22

Well hello!!!  Aren't you all bright eyed and bushy tailed?  You and Vincent both I see.  This should be great fun. Especially since today we have a guest artist.
Yes, a guest.  I know, you see a puzzle piece and think 'how can that be?' but it is.  Alex's son B is guesting today with a puzzle piece he has created.  Yes this one is part of the same puzzle.  Isn't that sweet?  (hack, hack, hack..sorry- something in my throat called sweetness making me gag)

On to the piece.  This is a stamp that has an image of a skull.  Yes, you are correct.  Not just any ol' skull but a vampire skull.  I know right?  B has some great taste when it comes to images.  He then colored it up with Distress Inks using both sponges and a water brush.  Personally, I think he should be a guest artist more often.  We might see less glitter and more spooky.

Ok- head along to the other Wicked Bloggers as listed on the sidebar.  Nothing more to see here- really GO!

Happy Halloween

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

31 Days of Halloween - Day 21

Hello and welcome, welcome.  Vincent is nagging to provide commentary, but don't worry, I have told him that he has more work to do first.

Alex has something just amazing to share with you.  She has an image from AuroraWings by Mitzi Sato-Wiuff.  She has some stunning ladies, but this one is just .... well, everything a siren should be, including her recent acquisition.

There is plenty of sparkle on this image as well.  I hope you can see it.  I know that I did have to stay back a bit when the glitter was flying, but it was certainly worth it.  You can find the AuroraWings images here.

On to other darkness and Halloween fun that the rest of the Wicked Bloggers have for you.

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 20, 2014

31 Days of Halloween - Day 20

DAY 20!?!?!?  WHAT!?!?!?  Oh my, this month is going waaaaaaaaaaaay too fast!!!  (no cage, no cage, please, please no cage)

Since today is Monday, that means that dummy head dear Vincent is back with us.  He is bright eyed and ready to go, which is good... right?

pfft, pfft, pfft... VINCENT, back up, no more fuzz in my beak.  DUDE~!
Now, I saved this puzzle piece specifically to show Vincent.  We are discussing, not only the art work from Alex, but birds.  The best birds, the gorgeous birds, the only type of birds that matter.  Why yes, you do know what I mean and no they are not harebrained balls of flying fluff!  Oh, and I have been instructed to tell you that the fun streaky background was on purpose.  However, Alex was having some difficulty with the water brush and distribution and... well, she couldn't recreate this if she tried.  BUT you did not hear that from me.

All the Wicked Bloggers are looking forward to your visit this morning.  Their links are on the sidebar.  OH, and can you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase take Vincent with you?  For his education of course.

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

31 Days of Halloween - Day 19

Hello Sunday!!  oh- an you to of course!  Thank you for visiting us today.  The last day of the weekend today and then back to it tomorrow.  I know, I know, Alex doesn't give me a day off so it shouldn't matter.  However, Vincent is back so really, the weekend IS more relaxing for me. 

Oh yes, we are back to the puzzle pieces.  Caw, caw, caw, caw.....  However, good news/bad news.  I got Alex to COUNT up the puzzle pieces remaining.  There are not enough days left for her to finish them all and put it together to share (caw, caw).  So, there has been some debate as to if it should continue into November and have a 'days after Halloween' or to do next year or double up pieces (that is assuming she can work that hard diligently creatively)  What do you all think should happen?  Oh, and there are some more non puzzle items to share as well.  In the meantime...

Alex loves the way this one came out.  The glow and how it is both the house and the sky that are glowing.  She was super happy when her vision for the lights in the windows actually working in real life, not just in her head.  That head of hers comes up with some crazy stuff that doesn't always materialize.  Makes for an interesting conversation.  Of course those conversations are all only between Alex and Alex, but still interesting especially since so many of them are out loud.  CAW!

I do hope you are all still with us and surviving enjoying the month.  There are some crazy amazing creations from some of those Wicked Bloggers.  Did you see the ship?  How about those calendar pages?  All the different altered items?  Some of that coloring and card making and.... WOWZERS!  I got a brief peek and am beyond speechless.  I know, you are shocked, but really amazing stuff.  - although you needn't worry, I recovered quickly!  Check everyone one out using the links on the side bar!

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

31 Days of Halloween - Day 18

Good morning!  Alex is frantic again in the background and so this may be short and sweet.  Sorry.

However, this is an amazing creation today.  This fairy is dancing in the light of the harvest moon.  What a wonderful Halloween activity.

This lovely lady is the fairy Bliss.  She is available from SCACD in red rubber.  The shimmering moths are cut from the Dies by SCACD Uncaged Bird.  Those lovely light bulbs are a red rubber image Party Lights

Check out all the Wicked Bloggers for what they have created.  The links to all their blogs can be found on the right sidebar.

-oh, if you hadn't noticed... apparently Vincent gets weekends off.  CAW!!!

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 17, 2014

31 Days of Halloween - Day 17

You are NOT going to believe this.  Alex has asked me to take someone under my wing and teach them about how 'we' do this 31 Days of Halloween thing.  Personally, I think Alex is looking to go out with the old in with the new.  Let me know what you think.  Ok, well, here we go.....

Hello all and welcome, welcome!!!  Today I am very ticked, disgusted, honored to introduce you too my new underling, torture victim, friend Vincent!   -DUDE!!!, Back up!

As you can see, Vincent is just a young chick.  His brain is not fully developed yet and so this could be quite an.....experience for all of us.

It only seemed appropriate to begin teaching Vincent with the altered puzzle pieces -since they are never ending.....- and so that is what we have to share with you today, again.

This one is an edge piece (I know you know that, but Vincent, not so sure -reference first picture if you are wondering why).  For this piece Alex used the inside of the skull image.  The other pieces/parts.  She also covered the specimen jar with glossy accents so that it has a glass appearance.  Unfortunately, that is just not something that the blog photographer has the skills to capture. (I will leave it at that, but you all know who I am talking about)

Go see what items the other Wicked Bloggers taking part in 31 Days of Halloween have for you today (I am betting it isn't the 40 billionth puzzle piece) and enjoy hopping around.  Please leave them some love for their hard work and don't forget to enter to win the daily prizes!!! (links to blogs all are on the sidebar, still)

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

31 Days of Halloween - Day 16

Good morning, afternoon, evening, day and night.  There - you are all covered with that one!  For me, it is o'dark thirty and my eyes should be closed.  Are they, well no silly!  Are you wondering why?  I KNEW it!!!  I knew you would care, since Alex doesn't.  They are wide open because 'someone' didn't let me near the computer last night to prepare and schedule for all of you.  'Someone' said it would be fine to do it this morning.  Whatever!

Today's puzzle piece is quite lovely.  I could look at it for hours (NO, my eyes are not closed and I am NOT snoring, I am enjoying Alex's creation!)  The image is one of my all time favorite skull images.  It is from Basic Grey and is an oldy, but goody.  I think you will agree.

I tried to convince Alex that it would look even better if she were to give him a gold tooth.  I think I had her convinced, but she couldn't find the gold paint pen in 14 seconds or less so moved on.  I tell you, that girl has so many things swirling around in her head I am just waiting for the force of them to make it start spinning!  No worries, though, I'll remind her later.

Ok- time for me to take a nap you to move along.  There are many more Wicked Bloggers that have beautiful, fun, spooky and creepy things for you to see.  The full list can be found on the right sidebar of Alex's blog.

Happy Hallowezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

31 Days of Halloween - Day 15

Top O' the Morning to You!!

- did I fool you?  did you think someone else took over?  Caw, caw, caw....

Ok- enough silliness, I can get down to business, you don't have to be so grumpy, hrmph.

Ok- so not entirely without having a bit of fun, really, you thought 100% serious was going to happen?  After two weeks together you should know better than that.  Besides, I look MAHAVELOUS in my new hat DHARLINK.  Caw, caw!

oh- you want to see what Alex created?  Really?  I thought that was just an excuse to visit with me each day.  You really are a spoilsport aren't you?  ok, ok, ok.

This is the amazing Mr. Bones.  He is available in digi format HERE or in red rubber from SCACD and comes in a set with Mrs. Bones or by himself.  But really, why wouldn't you get his Mrs. as well?  I am sure he would be heartbroken (or whatever skeletons break....) without her.  Don't forget that you can get 'their little dog too" in the digital section.  He is HERE.

Since you don't want to play today and are being a gumpipuss, please feel free to move along to all the other Wicked Bloggers from 31 Days of Halloween.  All the links to their blogs can be found on the right sidebar.  Be certain to check at Terra's blog to see if you are a winner from any of the days' prizes so far.  Perhaps that will cheer you up.

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

31 Days of Halloween - Day 14

Good Tuesday Morning to you!  I, for one, am happy to be past Monday, but honestly, until it is Saturday, it is all just mornings with an alarm clock.  That machine and I are not friends.  Guess I have one thing in common with Alex.  (shhhh do not tell her)

Alex has a great card for today.  I say great, because I happen to love it.  The colors and images are all very Halloween and VERY Goth.  Right up this bird's alley.

This image is by JadeDragonne and we loooooooooooooooove it!!!  You can find JadeDragonne on FaceBook HERE.   Huge thank you for the images she shares.  The paper is from the MME Frightful paper pack, and how fun are dancing skeletons?  That skull and crossbones brad is something Alex found in her 'Halloween Box' so I am not sure who made it.

Are you having fun so far this month with 31 Days of Halloween?  Are you enjoying the Wicked Bloggers?  Have you won a prize?  Do share with me as I am stuck here.  Yes, I know I am out of the cage and I should be grateful, but still stuck here.  Alex tells me all about the amazing things she sees on the other blogs so I need to know if she is telling the truth or just making me jealous.  Do I need to peck her eyes out?  The list of Wicked Bloggers is on the right sidebar so check it out and let me know.

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 13, 2014

31 Days of Halloween - Day 13

Day 13 - can you believe it?  CAW, CAW?!?!?  Where has the time gone?  Where oh where?

I am sharing another lovely puzzle piece with you today.  Alex seems to have taken my 'observation' of it probably being at least 2 years until this as finished as a personal challenge.  - whatever!-  Only time will tell who is going to be right on this one (ME of course!)

This image is another from the collection of Inkadinkado stamps Alex has hoarded collected gathered over the years.  (Sarah- the vampire here is also by Inkadinkado).  This time Alex used glowing greens as they seem more appropriate for potions and such.  I have to agree.  The hint of radioactive and/or evil glow is a good thing.

I hope everyone is enjoying October as much as I am.  Of course, I am pretty sure that none of you depend on October for your freedom!  That said, the creativity that abounds during the 31 Days of Halloween is still impressive.  Check out all the 31 Wicked Bloggers listed on the right and also all the things you can win!  Details for winning are here

Until tomorrow.....
Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

31 Days of Halloween - Day 12

Today is the day.  What day you ask?  The day that Alex huddles up with football, craftiness and leaves me alone.  Oh, today is the peaceful day for Edgar Allen Crow.  I can torment the cat, explore the house and say whatever I like.  FREEDOM!!

On that note, today I am sharing another altered puzzle piece  Alex created that makes me think of freedom and doing whatever a soul desires.

Now- do NOT tell Alex this, but I am starting to like and appreciate the vision with this altered puzzle.  However, I still think it is going to take her years to finish it.

Now it is your turn to howl at the moon, run free, or even better, go visit all the Wicked Bloggers (links of the sidebar to all the participants) and their creations for the day.  If you haven't been around in a bit, be certain to check out the days you missed as well.  There is some serious talent out there participating in the 31 Days of Halloween.

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

31 Days of Halloween - Day 11

Today is a very special day in the 31 Days of Halloween hop.  Today is a day sponsored by SCACD!  CAW! CAW!

Alex was sooooooooo excited to be able to highlight more of the SCACD images for me to share with you.  She has many of them and just loves shopping there.  It was difficult to decide which image to use, but she finally settled on Sugar Floral Skull

SCACD has a great assortment of Sugar Skulls in both digital and red rubber.  Sugar Floral Skull happens to be one you can get in both!!!  The digital is HERE and the red rubber is HERE.  Alex used the red rubber version and the tiny butterfly stamp that accompanies it in the eye sockets.  The background is a patterned paper with lace over it.  The flowers are from the Dies by SCACD collection and part of the Fancy Flowers and Keys Corners.  alex asked me to be sure and  tell you that you NEED (her word) to go see all the Dies by SCACD if you haven't done so before.

As for me-do not tell her I did this or I might end up in a cage prematurely- I think you should go see the Steampunk Skull.  It is pretty rockin'.
I also have on good authority that there is a new release Halloween theme digi (caw, caw).

I know you are going to get very distracted shopping at SCACD.  How do I know this?  I have watched it happen to Alex over, and over, and over, and......  However, after you finish, but certain to visit all the Wicked Bloggers, -all of their names and links can be found in the right sidebar- see the amazing creations, leave them some love and look for the hidden image to WIN your prize from today's sponsor, SCACD -details HERE.

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 10, 2014

31 Days of Halloween - Day 10

CAW!!  CAW!!!  Lookout people!  Things are flying around here!!!!  Alex has places to be today and is running a bit behind so while I talk with you she is in the background going frantic!!  This is not a pretty picture....  However, I DO have a pretty -well in a Halloween way- picture for you.

See, I told you it was pretty :)

This is an image from Sweet Pea Stamps.  The background paper is from the Carta Bella - Autumn paper pack and the jack-o-lanterns are cut from some paper in the MME - Frightful paper pack.

Now get out of here before you get hit with flying objects!!  There are scary things to see from the Wicked Bloggers :)

Happy Halloween!