Friday, August 12, 2005

New toy

I have a new toy. I love it! Since Brandt is Deaf there was absolutely no way I could not purchase this die cut. I have so many uses for it. I got it from The Memory Zone. They were wonderful to work with. If you have any interest in purchasing one, please contact them. You can also find it on EBay for a lot more than you will pay at The Memory Zone, but hey, it is your choice.

I wanted to send my sister some of the cut out versions for her use, but figured she needed them in a baggy in the card so she would have a clue as to what they were. I bet just having all these little shapes show up would be pretty confusing. Using the pop dots under the fingers and adding the flower is optional. The details show up just fine flat as well as when three dimensional. It certainly is fun to play with and I have so many ideas running around my head!!!

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