Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Finish Fever

It is a very nice feeling to get several "in the works" projects completed. I also finished knitting a pair of gloves for the Native American Support Group. They were a fun experiment in sideways knitting as each glove was done in one piece. The picture is one sewn up and one not. They look kind of silly before they are sewn :). The pattern can be found here. Wouldn't these be fun with each finger a different color?

I am participating in a gift exchange with my local scrapbook group this Saturday. The exchange rules are a gift of $7 - 15 and something handmade then wrap and do not tell which one you bring. I have completed the shopping and the creating. I can't post a picture because it is a secret, LOL, but have taken one and will post after Saturday. This was fun to make, but the shopping is really hard without knowing who the recipient will be since we all have different tastes and different supplies we already own. Having not been part of the group last year to help me know what is expected, I do so hope it is ok.

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Zarzuela said...

That glove pattern is so cool! Thanks for sharing it. :)