Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Katrina-help for those in need

Feeling useless and like you need to do something to help those who's lives have been forever changed due to the effects of Katrina? What is the BEST thing you can do? Send money. Seriously. I know that people want to gather together the needed items and send them, but truly, the best way to get this accomplished is to donate funds. Don't have any, but have extra blankets and clothes? Hold a yard sale and send the earnings. Where to donate? There are many reputable organizations, but please be sure your money will get where you want it to get. Some you might want to check out are : LDS Humanitarian Services, America's Second Harvest, The American Red Cross, or anyplace you prefer. The listing at NPR also has organizations that need volunteers if that is something you are able and inclined to do.

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