Friday, August 05, 2005

What's for dinner?

Have you ever tried a new recipe and everyone loved it, but when you went to make it again couldn't find it? Is there a solution to this problem? Do I really have to recopy every recipe my family likes into my personal recipe card box or book? There must be a better way. Any ideas?
I lucked out this time and since I originally found it on All Recipes a search of the site with key words found the it much faster than I expected. So, next week on the menu is Honey Almond Chicken. Serve with some couscous and fresh green beans from the garden and enjoy :).

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Anonymous said...

That is so, so true! I am still looking for a no-bake oatmeal and jello pudding cookeie recipe from the 70s that was our favourite for ages. I had it memorized but then did not make it for awhile and now both the recipe and my good memory are history! Our favourite version was with pistachio pudding.
A Nonny Mouse