Thursday, August 25, 2005

A Girl Can Dream

You all have GOT to check out this room!! WOW!! First, I must say that the sheer volume has me impressed. Next, the organization is awesome. Normally I would wonder with that much stuff how anyone could possibly use it. The way she has it all set up though and I can see it is possible to do so.

I have been busily working away on baby/preemie items. My local group of Stitches for the Heart has a brunch on Saturday and it is the time to take completed items. My thinking is that anything I finish is that much less yarn I have sitting around not doing anyone else any good. Baby caps crochet up very quickly so I have been able to get quite a few done in addition to some sweater sets and a few booties. I'll get a picture of everything before I hand it in :).

I am also actively debating my decision to take the ASL 3 class. I think the teacher is going to be fantastic and that I stand to actually learn a lot about the language. However, in order to attempt to make it fun, this class will involve a lot of games and performance type situations. Now, I have no problem with being in front of the class or any other group. I also have no problem using the language and learning. The problem is that if you say "Act out three things you do every day" my brain will totally FREEZE and I will have that deer in the headlights look and not be able to come up with one single thing. See my problem? That is the type of thing this entire semester (and probably most of next semester as well) consists of. And I pay money for the privilege!!!

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Zarzuela said...

You should go for it! Practice makes perfect and if you do that kind of thinking you'll get better at it. Never fear. You'll be fine! :)

By the way, thanks for the link. :)