Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I finished up a spread in my art journal and want to share a technique I used with you.  I created the textured flowers using embossing paste and mica powders.

 First I put some of the Dreamweavers Translucent Embossing Paste in a mixing tray and then added a touch of the Mica Powders.  I used Pink Azalea and Yellow Rose
After they were mixed up, I applied them to my prepared journal page through portions of the Dylusions Stencil Dotted Flowers.

 This right after it is applied.  It is a mat type look to it.
 Once it has dried thoroughly it is translucent and the shine and color from the Mica Powder really come through.  The leaves are from the Dylusions Doodle Parts stamp set. The colors on the page are from assorted Dylusions Sprays.  The shine is Mica Powder, Gum Arabic and water.  I made it very watery so that the shine and shimmer would really spread out.

The next step was to doodle in stems, leaves and an edge.  Then I stamped on Resilient Woman and Blank Canvas Profile.

Isn't this profile image amazing?  I grabbed it first thing when my stamps arrived and knew it HAD to go on this page!

Added the writing to the left side.  It reads "Listen to the sounds in the silence.  Those are the words of your heart."  Heart is from the Authentic Words Set.


Absolutely loving the shimmer and shine.  Just a bit of writing on the right hand page and ......


I hope you enjoyed learning the technique as well as seeing a bit about my 'process'.  Sometimes I have a plan and sometimes it just comes together as I work.  This was one of the second ones.  

Get Inky!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore it & I am looking to be sure which stamp it is. I am looking to click follower. Thank you SO much for going through the steps! I am trying to learn as much as I can & this old sponge doesn't absorb as much as a new one. But I marked your blog immediately. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

Kathi said...

It's a fabulous spread. I really love how you used the texture paste and mica.

Dylusions Stencils? Eek.

I also love that stamp and you used it so well.