Monday, September 18, 2006

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

I spent two hours last night in tears. They were happy tears and sad tears. Some were selfish tears as well. I watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition which always makes me cry. However, last nights episode (2 hours long) was guest hosted by Marlee Matlin and was for a family that had several members who are blind as well as a son who is deaf. My own son got very excited when he saw Marlee signing and watched intently. I am excited to see she will be on next week's episode as well just for the opportunity for him to see her again.
They profiled a device call the "I Commuicator" that a friend and I have been interested in for the last couple of years. There was also a section that followed two members of the design team traveling to some Latin American countries with the Starkey Foundation to fit children and some adults with hearing aids for the first time. Anyone who knows me, knows why I was in tears the whole time. I am sure my being emotional going into the show didn't help matters, but I would have bawled regardless :).

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