Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The best thing............

Do you know what the BEST thing is about being a stay at home mom? It is those mornings when your child wakes up and they don't feel good not getting the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that you are going to have to juggle everything. It is not feeling like you are going to have to decide between work and your child. It is not convincing your child if they are ok, but just don't want to to go and see how they do so you can get a few things finished. It is not wondering everytime the phone rings at work if it is the school and they are worse than they were this morning. It is not sitting awake all night wondering if you are working the next day and how to juggle things if you aren't.
If IS being able to be there 100% for your child on the good days and the bad.

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Karla said...

Yes, I'm so thankful to be one of those moms who don't have to struggle with the question of "Can I afford to miss this day (or more!) of work to take care of my sick child?"

I feel for single mothers especially and their struggle to put food on the table, pay the bills, and raise children, too! Noone should have to face that challenge. To the mothers who must work I would say, "Be strong! You can do it! It won't be for forever." And to the mothers who don't have to work, consider staying home with your children. It, too, won't be for forever. But you will be so grateful for having had the opportunity to stay home with your children when it is over. These days with our children will never come again. If at all possible, stay with them during these years. Work can always come again when they have gone out into the world to make their own way.