Sunday, November 16, 2008

Learning Gratitude

We all have challenges in life. Some we create and some that just are. When I am very, very fortunate, I learn from these challenges. I have realized that currently I need to learn something. I need to learn to be grateful for things I have, specifically the things I have that I do not want.
This may sound a bit strange and if you think in terms of 'things' it is. However, start to think about what you have outside of the things and you will find there is a lot that you may not want. That seems like necessities or trials. I am working to be grateful for these things. This is TOUGH! I am not successful at it by any means, but I really believe that if I can make progress in this area and keep it in mind as I go through each day I will be a more positive and happy person.


Linda said...

Alex, you have such a wonderful positive spirit. I learn from you and I too hope to be grateful for even those things I do not want. Your blankets are beautiful. Linda

Anonymous said...

What an inspiring post Alex. You have made me step back and think about all I have to be greatful for. Through trials we not only suffer, but on the positive side we learn, and we grow - in strength and experience. Thanks for the thoughts.

nej said...

you inspire me daily, my friend.

biggest hugs