Friday, December 03, 2010

12 Days of Christmas - Day 2

Hello and welcome back to day 2 of the 12 Days of Christmas Smeared and Smudged style.  I have to warn you, this is NOT what would expect, but since the theme was expanded to include gift items, here we go.
A couple of years ago Alex made a Zombie Escape Plan notebook for her oldest son.  He writes in it occasionally, and has enjoyed having it.  You know teenage boys (throw rocks at them).  Alex decided to make another one, especially since she now has the Zombie stamp set from Smeared Ink.  This set is certainly a fun one with mix and match heads and rotting body parts.

This is the front cover complete with bloody smears.
 The back cover with the bloody hand print included.
 A sampling of the inside pages.  The majority of them are blank so that the owner of the notebook can write the details of their own escape plan.  However, it does include some things Alex thought would be helpful information such as:


 Things NOT to said to Zombies (such as How's it hanging?)
 Photos of what you might expect to see during a Zombie attack.
 and of course, how to identify a Zombie.
The pages of the notebook measure 4x 5 inches and the cover is 4.5 x 6 inches.  I hope you enjoy it as much as Alex enjoyed making it.  Hearing her manical giggling Wednesday while creating this was just about more than this bird could take.  Crazy lady.....

Macabre Monday HDH067 - Paper Pandemonium -we are counting the maps and photos as two different patterned papers.

Happy Holidays!


CraftyMomOf2 said...

loveeeeeeeeeee this!!! even better to see it again!! so clever and SO inspiring!!!

meredith =)

Kelli said...

Hello Edgar, LOL Throw rocks at the teenage boys!!! I like that!!

Please let Alex know that I am totally in love with her Zombie book!!! It's AWESOME

DonnaMundinger said...

Waht a HOOT! Now that's a stocking stuffer I wouldn't have thought of. LOL xxD

Alison said...

Edgar, please tell Alex that I adore this! I esp love the bloody handprint! It's brilliant!!! I want one!

Carol said...

Brilliant! I love love love the Zombie book! My son would (and daughter) would love this just as muh as I do. Thank you for sharing

Steph said...

I so need one of these! HEHE love it, but like Alex my giggling while making it might tip off the kiddo. Love the cardboard cover and the photos and diagrams I'm sure will be a big help while planning an escape.

Anonymous said... perfect is this for a boy? love the map and the skeleton.
Maybe he will write in it and become a famous writer. with creativity in this journal how could he not?


Jane said...

Love your Zombie book it is fantastic
Luv Jane xxx

Danni said...

Oh Edgar! Alex has really outdone herself with this! I know several people who would love it!

P.S. Thanks for my holiday helper, even if she is a handful!

Atticelf said...

Wow, my niece would love something like this!

TMCPhoto said...

I"m already thinking of similar projects to do with this idea.

KC said...

wow! this is great! I must make one myself!...well I think my husband would steal it...he loves zombies...what a great idea! so cute!

whatspeaks2myheart said...

TFS Edgar! Love any and all kind of journals. May have to borrow Alex's hints as I have a zombie hunter here too and you have to find some way to get him to write. Drawing, yes. Writing, no. Love it! Paula

DK Spins said...

That is just the coolest notebook. My Left4Dead gamer chick child would love it! How clever of Alex. Thanks for sharing it with us Edgar!

ldfdesign said...

your first zombie book has stuck in my head forever!!! i could never remember who made it! now i will :) love this one too! fabolous job!!!!

An Inky Addict said...

Ohhhhhhh...this is ridiculously wonderful!!!

Susan's crafty chaos said...

This is absolutely fantastic; every home should have one!
Thanks for playing along with our Paper Pandemonium challenge at HDH :D

Barb said...

LOL! Fan-freakin'-tastic! I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love this :) I think I need to CASE one of these for one of the Minions :)