Wednesday, January 11, 2006

THIS I can do!

I recently read the New Year Resolution musing on another BLOG and I am REALLY liking this idea. The basics are that the only resolution is to finish 5 things every day that you started earlier in your lifetime. Sounds pretty easy doesn't it? Well guess what? IT ISN'T!!! So, as a form of self motivation and accountability I will occasionally post my list here.

1. Cards for swap - group 1
2. Cards for swap - group 2 (I know this might be stretching the count, but give me a break people!)
3. Got my crochet bookmark exchange (the bookmark has been finished since mid December) packaged and by my purse to drop at the Post Office on the way to work tomorrow.
4. Can't think of any more

See what I mean? I did quite a bit today, but as far as finishing things that were stared before today, it is a little more difficult. It is not that I am lacking for things to finish. In fact, I could never start anything new and still have things for this resolution for years to come. The problem is in the completion. This is the reason I think this challenge is absolutely perfect for me! Thank you so much Rockster for putting it out there were I was able to read it!

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