Sunday, July 10, 2005

In Honor of Carrie French

This OPH comfortghan has been completed and is being sent to surviving family in honor of Army Spc. Carrie French


Zarzuela said...

Looks beautiful Alex! :) Great job.

Sorry I haven't been in touch much lately. Lots of stuff going on. Hope all is well with you. :)


Lu M. aka: empress silver thimble said...

The comfortghan turned out beautiful, I'm sure the family will love it for years to come. Great job assembling it! Am proud we have a purpose in life to reach out and cheer hurting souls.

CarriesOlderSister said...

Hello, I would just like you to know that my mom got it and it sits on her couch. My little sister uses it every day. I got to see it when I visited my family last week