Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The good, the bad, and the frustrating

ACK! Very frustrated right now. I order things online that I am unable to find locally and for that am willing to pay the shipping. Now, I have found that very often this makes things pretty expensive so I try to order as much as possible from the same vendor and at the same time to help spread the cost. I also look for places that charge exact shipping or flat rates or reasonable amounts. So, I placed an order yesterday with a place and figured the average price was fine. I just got an email that HALF of what I ordered is unavailable so "your new total for your order is $______". Now, this is no longer what I consider to be a reasonable price for these items because of the shipping, but when I ask to cancel I am told all sales are final and that they have already been shipped. Not the most thrilled here and I know I won't give them my business again. :(.

Oh well, this happens sometimes and is the risk of ordering online. Guess I better enjoy my stuff!!!

Speaking of online ordering, I just found this company. Has anyone ordered from them? Where you happy with your purchase and/or service?

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