Friday, July 15, 2005

Get Busy Girl!!

My SIL is due to deliver my new niece in approx. 4 weeks!! ACK! I better get my little (ok not so little) hiney in gear!! The gift is 2/3 complete. I need to get it finished and then I'll post a picture before mailing!

Last night I finished up another comfortghan. Have to get it washed, tagged and bagged (ready to mail in CSI speak) and then on it's way. I will take a pic of it for you all to see. This one is in greens and joined and edged with a lemon yellow. It turned out really pretty!!!

Hubby's friend is in town. He works as a painter and came to do his Mom's house. Since he brought all the equipment anyway, we convinced him to do our ceilings while he is here. We will pay him of course. Yesterday I went to select the paint. Did you know that there are 47 thousand shades of white? WHAT!?! I could hardly believe it! Then my needlework/ arts and crafts personality came out. I kept wanting to take the paint chips to the window or outside in natural light to compare them. That is all well and good, but for this instance I need to NOT do that and only see how they look in the light of my house since that is the only place I will see them. This is a hard habit to not do!!

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