Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bombshell Hop - Holiday Hoopla!

HELLO!  Edgar Allen Crow here to welcome you to the Bombshell Hop.  Alex has promised to let me host the 31 Days of Halloween this year and I have a few surprises and special guests for you.  However, she and I both felt a practice run was in order so I picked the fabulous Bombshell Hop to join you!

The theme this month is Holiday Hoopla.  The challenge is to create something representing a favorite holiday.  No surprises, Alex's is Halloween :).

Let me take a moment and introduce you to Horace.  Horace really, really needs some wardrobe assistance.  I don't know who did this to him, but the fashion police are on the lookout!


After some thought and discussion, and of course a lot of fabulous and promptly rejected ideas on my part, Alex pulled out the supplies and set to work.  The first thing was a fresh coat of paint to help cover up the disaster he arrived with.  At that point Horace looked like a new man.  So much so that Alex's son started to call him Yoric.  However, Horace and I talked a bit and he was pretty certain that he knew his own name better than anyone else, so Horace he is.

Alex decided to use a technique she learned from Alison, a regular Bombshell, that is found here.   Even better, the one she made for Alex here.  Now, Alex, not having Modge Podge and being too lazy resourceful to go purchase any, used some craft glue that dries clear.  Not nearly as lovely as Alison's creation, and while editing photos it became apparent the edges of the tissue paper are visible.  So, there will be some touch ups to come.

Doesn't Horace look soooooooooo much better?

some additional views- the underwater theme using the Mermaid Treasure set was adhered to (I crack myself up!) so that Horace wouldn't have an identity crisis or anything.  Here are some additional views of Horace modeling for us.

So much better- now he and I can be seen in public together without it ruining my image.....
Just two fabulous looking dudes!

Take the time to hop through the rest of the blogs participating today in the Bombshell Holiday Hoopla Hop.  I know you will not be disappointed at all the creativity you will find!  See you Oct. 1!!!

Happy Hopping!!!


GlitteryKatie said...

weird- I love it!

Mary G. said...

What fun!!!! He sure does look much better! Great job!!!

Kelli said...

EDGAR!!!! I miss you my lovely wonderful friend!!! I am so happy Alex let you have a practice run with the Bombshell hop, I hope your ready for 31 days!!! Now Horace is so much better looking than before I am happy you and Alex decided to give him a "face"lift!!! I can't wait to see you everyday next month!!!

Betty said...

Horace, my man! You look AWESOME...almost studly :)

Oh and Edgar love to see you out and about again can't wait to see what you (and Alex) have in store for us this year.

The Whimsical Wren said...

Hello Horace! I heartily approve of the style makeover. Looking great adorned with mermaids.

Very creative, I frickin' love it!

Nicole Maki said...

Great new style for Horace. I love how unique this is.

Alison said...

Hello Edgar! So nice to see you again! Once again, yuo have done a wonderful job hosting. Horace looks amazing now! Alex did a fang-tastic project! I am honored that Alex utilized my techniques. :) Really, Horace rocks now!

Kathi said...

Hi Edgar! Nice to meet your new friend Horace. I'm so glad that you updated his look because he sure needed it.

I love the underwater scenes you created.

So Horace swims with the fishes. Ha.

MellyMel said...

I'm sure Horace is very happy with his Extreme Makeover. He looks fabulous :)

Danni said...

Edgar!! I am so happy to see you, I've missed you!! Be sure to tell Alex that her creation rocks!! She is so creative!
Looking forward to a month of Halloween with you!

Ally White Cat said...

I think you had wonderful fun with these guys. ha, nice work and so the devotion to art.