Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Fragile Spring

As my son and I were driving back from his Tae Kwon Do class last weekend we saw a wild bunny.  That is not something that we see often in this area and so a pleasant surprise.  He asked me "what would you do for a pet bunny?".  Like any mom all I could think of was cleaning cages and the not fun parts of having a pet.  I loved that, for my son, the idea was nothing but joy!

This image, Fragile Spring, is such a sweet and precious one drawn by Melissa Dawn for Sweet Pea Stamps.  She has a way with the adorable.  If you love cats, you really should check out her other designs as well.

Get Inky!


My name is Wynneth said...

Adorable image Alex and I love your whole card :O)

Kathi said...

Oh my! How seriously cute. A bunny fairy. Great card.

We have lots of wild rabbits. They eat dandelion stems the way people eat spaghetti.