Saturday, June 11, 2011

By the light of the moon

I had a complete and total BLAST making this tag.  I would have let Edgar tell you about it, but there is just so much I want to share with you and he would probably mess it up :).

Now- where to start?  How about that moon?  I created that using the Viva Decor Crystal Gel.  The official name of this color is orange gold.  However, my name for it is orangy gold goodness, much more accurate :)
First I used a paintbrush and put about an 1/4 inch layer of the Crystal Gel onto wax paper.
I then, immediately, pressed some gold beads into the gel and left it to dry.
Once it was dry, I peeled it of the wax paper and trimmed it to a circle shape.  EASY PEASY!!!

Now, this wonderful element at the bottom of the tag?  Also EASY PEASY!

First, using a paint brush I pressed the Crystal Gel into the silicone mold and then smoothed off the excess with a piece of cardstock.  Tap the mold lightly on the table to help eliminate air bubbles.

Let the gel dry several hours or overnight, then pop out the elements (btw, this is only HALF of the mini lace mold)

I then grabbed my acrylic paint in black and a sponge and covered up the orangy gold goodness color.

After letting it dry, I used the gold from the metallic rubons and rubbed it over the element to help bring out the detail.

Now honestly, would you EVER have guessed this was orange?  See, it doesn't really matter what color gel you purchase because it can become whatever color you would like!  So once, again, my finished tag:

Smeared and Smudged June - Oh the Horror

Get Inky!


Madeleine Bouquet said...

I absolutely love this! Gorgeous.:)


Renkata said...

Very creatif tag.

Susana M said...

Hey Alex
Love how you create scenes on your tags and LOVE how you showed you are not obliged to the color you purchase!!! Very Cool!!!
Hearts and Hugs

pezadoodle said...

absolutely awesome! susana and i were JUST talking about smoothing it out and letting it dry into sheets and die cutting it yesterday! gorgeous tag!

Colleen Holmes said...

Super cool! Love the way you can shape anything you want with it!

Kirei na Kami said...

EEEEK!!!!! Oh my goodness...I LOVE THIS TAG!!!! All the details are brilliant!!! You are definitely rocking the Viva Crystal Gel!!! I look forward to seeing more of the wonderful things you create with it:)


Alison said...

Kelli and I are sitting here looking at this saying "WOW! Damn, we wanna make this!" This is such a fabulous tag! And thank you for sharing all of the steps! Now we need to get some of that gel!

Melanie said...

Alex...this is fantastic!! The moon is beautiful...but I also love how you altered the lace embellishment at the bottom of the tag. It really shows the versatility of this fantastic new how you highlighted the detail with gold! :)

Danni said...

Has anyone told you lately that you're amazing? Well you are my friend!! This is just fabulous!! Wow!!

Controlling My Chaos said...

What a gorgeous tag. I love it! Do you make doubles of things you can't bear to part with, just so you can keep one for yourself?

kksb said...

I love your tag. Uber cool. please email me at if you don't mind and tell me what you used for the tree. Is it made of the same gel and did you use a die? On SCS I am putting your tag in my favs. tfs