Monday, May 05, 2008

It is Monday

And do I know it! Actually, it wasn't super bad, I am just frustrated. I continue to end up in situations at work where my plans get messed up because someone else isn't doing what is needed for me to be able to finish my work. My day off tomorrow? Not happening. Why? There is a presentation out of town on Friday that needs to be ready to go. It is not ready to send to print because some decisions -that I don't make- still have to be make. I can not finish my work on it until they are. Consequently, I have to go in tomorrow and HOPE the decisions get made so I can finish and send it to print.
The worst part, we have two meetings next week (Thurs and Fri) that are going to end up in the exact same situation because I know there will be complete refusal to work on them (or even look at them) until Monday. I do not operate on last minute at work well. I hate it in fact.

Now, I will admit that my job has a pretty nice schedule and they are very accommodating. However, I signed up with the understanding that I work 4 days a week. If you want me to attend the meetings at the end, then the work preparing for them has to be done so I can have a day off in the beginning of the week. Just they way the calendar works. I know that the presentation work isn't not getting done with any intention of me not getting a day off, it is just how it is happening. However, there also isn't any thought given to me getting the day of either. So not intentionally malicious, but not courteous either.

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Feel a bit better for venting, but not as much as if it all wasn't happening OR if I thought it would stop happening.

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