Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What does a word mean?

Especially if the word is "clean"? I have been reminded, once more, that the definition of a word is sometimes situational. In general, I keep my house clean. It is by no means spotless, we definitely live here and it shows, but the general cleaning is kept up. Dishes done, floors swept and vacuumed, etc. This is day to day clean.
Then there is friends and family coming over clean. The run around and pick up some of the lived in look. The toys on the floor and magazines on the edge of the couch (2 months worth that I keep meaning to finish reading).
There is however an entirely different level of clean when company is coming who is not as familiar. People who you doesn't know well, have never been to your house before and may never be again. That requires the assistance of the entire family and a room that you know the door will stay closed for a bit of dash and stash :). Your eyes suddenly see things they have never noticed before. You become aware of the fact that just because you keep something on the floor in the corner, and the same place all the time, it is not the same as the item truly having a home. That is not really a "place" and you currently don't have a "place". Hence the dash and stash!
Now, I have to admit that things look pretty great cleared off. Until I bring out all the stuff that has been piled in the room with the door closed. Now what? Well basically, there is just too much stuff and some things need to go! This is the real project and what requires the real cleaning. So, my ongoing challenge is to reduce the amount of stuff in our house. Then the family level of clean will be pretty much the same as the unknown company level of clean. Wouldn't that be fantastic?


Karla said...

LOL - Oh my, I TOTALLY relate to EVERYTHING you said!

Carolyn said...

Hi Alex, Came over to visit from SFYS. I have a blog too but it has been quite neglected lately as has my scrapping. Come January that will change (long story short, I'm in over my head with some classes I'm taking). I enjoyed my visit and yes, I strive for the "" thing in my house too...but I'm still a flybaby and have not yet reached my goal of total clearing of the "stuff" in our house so that it will stay as clean everyday and company clean.