Sunday, October 15, 2006

Eyes Wide Open

Yesterday my family and I visited an exhibit that was very sobering. It is called Eyes Wide Open and it a visual display to represent the National Guardsmen who's lives have been lost in the Iraq War. Regardless of your thoughts or opinion of the war, this is a powerful exhibit. There are a pair of combat boots displayed for each soldier. Locally they also included a pair for every Idaho soldier that has been lost. I was emotional, but holding it all together until I found the boots for 3 of "my soldiers". These were three different Idaho soldiers that I assembled OPH comfortghans for their families. At that point I lost it and the tears began to flow.
As I walked around I was reminded of a comment my oldest son made several years ago. We visited a traveling representation of the Vietnam Wall Memorial. As we walked the memorial and read the names on the wall and the letters left by loved ones my son turned to me and said "Mom, I think that anyone who is looking at sending people to war should have to write all of these names first. Maybe then they will remember what happens during war." WOW! If only the adults could be as intelligent as the children.
If you get a chance, do visit this memorial. Eyes Wide Open is a wonderful tribute to those who have paid such a high price.

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Karla said...

Wow - it really must be an awesome experience to visit the Wall. My husband has a brother whose name is on the wall as he died in Vietnam in 1968. It must be very sobering to realize all who have layed down their lives for their country, those willing and perhaps some unwilling, too. I am so thankful for those who resolve to stand for our freedom at all cost. What courage a person must possess to willingly join the armed forces, whatever branches, knowing they may be called to fight. Sure, I realize not all join the forces expecting to go to war, and there are other reasons that encourage people to join. But whatever their reasons, I am thankful for all who have fought for freedom, in this country and in others. I, too, have two brothers serving in the Air Force.

I wish there was no war in this world, but know that it is not possible to avoid with the differing opinions, cultures, and power struggles that occur. I'm proud of our armed forces. And I hope we can all remember what a great cost these men and women have paid. And not only them, but their families and friends who are also greatly affected by their loss. My hope lays in the fact that one day all this warring will be over. It can't come soon enough! And then what an awesome reunion there will be!

I will check out Eyes Wide Open. Thank you for posting about it.