Saturday, November 18, 2006

Got Flowers?

I love, love, love the Prima flowers. I know, you are wondering what I do with them with a house full of boys. I have gotten pretty creative about using flowers, ribbon and sparkle on my scrapbook pages. I also have two (soon to be three) nieces so that helps :). For cards they are always a welcome addition.
I have found it a bit hard to use entire bottles of colors though. I like the assortments, but they don't always have a new mix of combinations. I am so excited to share my recent find with you!

Cafe Prima!!!!

She has free shipping on minimum orders and you can literally order one flower at a time. I you only need six leaves, then order six! How cool is that? She has some neat assortments as well and even better, a monthly kit club!!!! Look at the past assortments and you can see she definitely has a knack for combinations. What fun!!!!!! I think this is a FABULOUS idea and hope she is extremely successful! WTG Jennifer!!!

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Cafe Prima said...

I just saw this when doing a google search for Cafe Prima. THANK YOU!