Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day

This is a tough one for me. I am married to a wonderful man who is a fantastic father to our boys. I am so grateful for this and words can't express how blessed I feel. I try to make certain he knows this as well not just today, but everyday.
I also miss my own father a ton. April was 8 years since his death which was very sudden and unexpected. I am glad it was fast and there was no suffering involved. I do hate that I never got to say good-bye. I have many wonderful memories and I am in the process of trying to document some of them to share with my children and others, but it is a long and at times painful process.
So, today I combine my love of both my father and my children's father and try to make certain my husband knows how truly special he is.

"Fathering is the most masculine thing a man can do." Frank Pittman

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Kimberlee said...

You do so much for the ones you love. I know you'll do a lovely tribute to your dad and to your husband, too.

Miss you!