Thursday, June 22, 2006

Balloons and more balloons

Once a year the "Spirit of Boise" happens. This is a big gathering of hot air balloons and they launch for four mornings (weather conditions allowing) from a park in town. They let the public down in the launch area and it is AMAZING!!! In the past I have gotten the boys up and we have sat by the rim that surrounds the park and watched the balloons go up. This year we went into the park and were right next to the balloons as the inflaited and took off. So very, very cool. It was worth getting up super early and being exhausted now. The colors were breathtaking. I hope some of the pictures turn out. You can view photos from the event on the website. The 50th anniversary Mickey Mouse with the golden ears was there as well as the Energizer Bunny (HUGE!).

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