Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thankful for What!?!?!

Ok, so it is Thanksgiving and time to list what we are thankful for. I have the usual list and sincerely mean it. My family, a roof over my head, employment and general financial security. I also have some additional things to add to the list.

I am thankful that neither myself or my kids were in the car when the jerk hit it in the store parking lot.
I am thankful that the security camera caught the entire thing on tape including them stopping, getting out and looking at my car then getting back in a driving off.
I am thankful that the police officer making the report finds this sort of thing reprehensible and has a 100% solve rate on hit and runs.
I am thankful that the police have enhancement equipment so that hopefully we will be able to read the license plate of the jerk who hit my car and didn't leave any information behind since there is a clear shot of the back of the vehicle.
I am thankful that the store I was at has copied the video to a disk to give the officer on Monday.
I am thankful that when I called the officer to let him know it was all caught on tape he was even more excited than me.
I am thankful that I have car insurance that will help pay for fixing my car.
I am thankful that said insurance company will go after the jerk that hit my car for the $500 deductible amount for me should they find him.
I am thankful that I have an appointment on Monday morning for the insurance assessment of the damage to my car.

So basically, I am thankful for many things this year. Did I mention that I am thankful for my family? :)

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