Monday, December 03, 2012

Is it birthday season as well?

I have posted this in the past, but was reminded of it today.  :)

As a December baby (today isn't my actual birthday day though) I would like to take a moment and remind others of the dilemma.  Specifically #4.  I Probably should have made that #1.  As people with our birthdays at this time of year, we have enough to 'deal with' without your added griping.  Please stop.  It really gets old hearing how tough it is on YOU to have to buy for us.  So don't.  It won't be the first or last time our birthday was ignored, forgotten or overlooked.  That is pretty standard for us.  It is also preferable to hearing about how inconvenient our day is.


Right about now is when all the holiday hustle and bustle really starts. I would like to take just a moment to remind you that some people still have birthdays in the next couple of months. I also want to give you a couple of tips with regard to those birthdays.

1- Do not wrap the present in holiday paper. If you don't have anything else, please use the newspaper.
2- A combined gift is fine, if it was requested. If the recipient is under 12 years old, separate gifts are necessary for them not to feel slighted. The cost does not matter, trust me on this.
3- Telling them to pick one from under the tree to open early, NOT a good idea.
4- They did NOT ask to be born during this time of year, do not complain to them. Complain to the parents and if you ARE the parents, well.....

Keep in mind this is only a mini list and there are other items that may apply. I can, however, guarantee that if you keep these four in mind it will be appreciated!


Kathi said...

Guilty as charged.

Sort of.

As the mother of a December baby, I always made sure that her holiday (Chanukah & Christmas) gifts were separate from her birthday presents and wrapped in different paper.

Some relatives never seemed to understand why I was so adamant about this.

So, I understand and send you {{((hugs))}} and mental margaritas to make up for all those slights.

Kim Ross said...

Oh Alex! How I relate to these! Christmas season at our house doesn't even start until after my birthday. No tree before the 9th, no lights on the house, etc.

One aunt got me Christmas/birthday combo gift when I was young. I was so sad.

Happy December Birthday to us all!

Sparkly Engineer said...

You tell them. It's so frustrating to have Holiday Birthdays lumped in with Christmas. I always try to give my December friends something extra special and very personal.

Ally White Cat said...

Oh Alex I so miss your are just too funny..happy birthday is in order wrapped in news paper.
susan s.