Tuesday, October 23, 2012

31 Days of Halloween - Day 23

 Hello, come in and please, help settle a debate.  With today's project, a topic came up that Alex and I are debating.  It is with regard to vampires and 'breaking the rules'.  Alex is a firm believer that there are certain vampire 'rules' that are not to be broken.  PERIOD.  Some vary by lore, but there are certain consistencies that must be honored (um NO they can't be in the sunlight even if they do sparkle).  I figure since it is all pretend anyway there are really no rules.  What do you think?
Now, on to the project that started it all.  A vampire skull.  How fabulous!!!  I really like the way Alex used the amazing gorgeous and sexy raven sticker.  She then used the Viva Decor glitter liner in Hematite to fill in the eyes and the blood pool is her Viva Decor Pearl pen in Red.  It really is the BEST for blood she has found.

Alex asked that I also leave you with a picture of one of the sexiest vampires ever (trust me, when she asked my eyes rolled back in my head so far they almost popped out the back side!)

HDH #156 - Noster.... aka Vampires

Happy Halloween!


Kim Ross said...

I'm not usually a fan of orange, Edgar, but it looks very nice on you!

Love that vampire skull stamp you were telling me about, Alex! Very cool!

xfilekc said...

Edgar, love the orange tail it's so seasonal.

Alex, the vampire skull with blood is freakin' awesome.

Angel is the sexiest vampire? Hmm..
Louis (Brad Pitt)- Interview with a Vampire
Mitchell (Aidan Turner) - Being Human UK

anyhoo, love the card.
Blade (Wesley Snipes) - Blade franchise

silvia said...

Snazzy orange tail Edgar!!!

Rules are Rules (especially when they involve vampires)

Great tag!! LOVE the skull!

Andrea C said...

Very cool vampire skull. Thanks for sharing with us for our Nosferatu challenge at haunted design house x

Steph said...

Awesome tag, that sexy raven is definately the perfect addition to the tag.
Lovin the orange feathers too.

I had the biggest crush EVER on that vampire....sigh.....

sparkle smarkle, I'd rather have that hunk Angel!

Sharon Sahl said...

Very cool tag and that is amazing blood! I'm taking notes!
Only Edgar could be so blase with an accent over the e to not think that vampires don't have rules (or culture) My experience was from the original Anne Rice stories - not really into Twilight so much!

Jane said...

Like the orange tail
Awesome vampire skull
Hugs xxx

Leigh S-B - The Sharpie Domino Queen said...

Hahahaha! Love your humor Edgar, but, yes, there are some rules that can't be broken ;0). Now for the fab tag, great image and use of the pearl pens! Hhmmm, sexiest vampire..Angel is cute but I'm a Queen of the Damned, Interview with a Vampire and Blade fan ;0)

Ally White Cat said...

how funny..good luck with the debate alex will probably win..love the vamp skull beautiful work.
hugs to you both
susan s.

~Lady B~ said...

Cool orange tail, Edgar! It definitely suits you for this holiday season :)

Alex had a cool find with that Vampire skull and she made a fabulous tag with it! Let her know that I don't think Vampires should sparkle and I definitely don't think they can go into sunlight! I've heard the ancient ones can, but there wouldn't be too many as they stop feeding and go into resting and their young stake them and behead them in their sleep. So No. No sunlight!

Pam Schmidt said...

Absolutely fantastic image. Where did you ever find that? Also a big YAY!!!! for Edgar's orange tail, now he is so truly festive. WOO HOO!! Thank you for sharing your art work.

Julia said...

Fab creation. Your art is so inspiring. TFS!

Carla said...

Love the skull. I think Vamps need a special spell/ring to be in the sun... and they shouldn't sparkle :)

DonnaMundinger said...

Oh Edgar, this tail is so festive for October! Not sure on the vamp rules but I'm sure lovin' that skull. FAB TAG! xxD

DonnaMundinger said...

OOh, and thanks for joining us at HDH this week. xxD

Candace Jedrowicz said...

Nice vamp skull! No sun for vampires! Gorgeous!

lisa aka b.creative said...

Very cool :) what company is the skull stamp from?

Croms' Cubby Hole said...

Love the soft orange glow behind that fabulous Vamp skull stamp Alex. Edgar - you been dipping in that ink again?
Thank you for sharing your art with us at MM@HDH

mark gould said...

very cool stamp, and I really like the bg blending. thanks for joining us at haunted design house