Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bombshell Hop

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to be hopping with the Bombshells this month.  I have missed doing this and decided it was time to just commit. Very happy I did.  Hopefully you have come from Alison's BLOG, but if not, please start at the Bombshell BLOG so you don't miss a thing!

This month the theme is "Let's Hear it for the Boys".  Yep- I am singing it in my head too.  So, you are probably wondering how I ended up with the above creation.  Let me tell you a bit about how my brain works (or doesn't).  So I start with the song in my head, then as I am looking through my Bombshell Stamps I see the "It's your Lucky Day" sentiment in the Mermaid Treasure set, which morphs into "Hey Big Boy" Mae West style in my head.  Earlier in the day I had been reading about a group called Team X-Treme.  They are an organization focused on Wounded Warriors and pretty stinkin' amazing!  So, the Mae West thing then took my brain to the USO performances during the wars.  I am pretty sure having recently watched Captain America helped with the prompting as well.  THIS creation is what then came out of all that.
PHEW!  Are you tired?  I am!  All that aside, I am very please with the Butterfly Queen and her red, white, blue and sparkle.

Now, time to see how everyone else interpreted this month's theme.  Next up on your stop is Rachael's BLOG.  Be sure and leave her some love while you are there.  The complete list is below in case you get lost.

Get Inky!

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GlitteryKatie said...

Great card Alex- thank you for hopping with us xxx

Stempelientje said...

Very pretty,and I love your colouring!

Caryn S said...

Completely followed you down that windy path! I got the Captain America reference too. Love this!

Alison said...

I LOVE this! And I especially love reading how your brain works! It is such a clever thing... :) Phoenix is going to LOVE this card when he sees it...he is all about Americana. Love the sparkly goodness too! Awesome job!

Alison said...



Kim said...

Beautiful card Alex! I love your coloring and that background paper.

Sparkly Engineer said...

Well that train of thought made perfect sense to me. As soon as I saw your card I was struck by how patriotic it looked. I'm sure some "boy" will love to receive it.

Kathi said...

Very cool card!

I love reading how your mind works. Mine meanders in much the same way.

Laura B said...

Gorgeous work! And I loved that you explained how it all came about.:)

Nicole Maki said...

Patriotic and oh-so-sexy!

Love it, Alex!