Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Beyond the Burtonesque Dolls - Alter It!

BBD is back and ready to get rolling with some new challenges for 2012!!  The current challenges is to 'Alter It'.  What it?  ANY it!  Find it, play with it, love the process!!!

I decided to alter a puzzle piece using Beatrix the Witch.

I stamped the image with brown Momento ink onto card stock.  I then attempted to color it with distress inks.  I say attempt, because I didn't do the kind of job I had hoped for.  However, wielding a tiny paint brush with intent is a bit difficult for me.  Must practice more!   That said, I am happy with it.  Then I traced around the puzzle piece and cut out and glued on the paper.  I sanded the edges and the used more distress ink to darken the background behind the image and the edges.

I have an entire puzzle that I am going to gradually alter and then put together to see what the end result is.  I am working diligently to not care about which way is up, etc.  However, I suddenly realized that I might not be able to put this thing back together without a picture to guide me.  That could be an entertaining project to watch!   Before I get much further, I think I better assemble and number the backs!

Now, your turn!

Get Inky!

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Danni said...

you are so creative and are constantly inspiring me! Basically, you rock! This is so neat!