Friday, February 10, 2012


Edgar here.  Alex is off doing her Spartan race thingy and so I decided to give something away.  I know that will make all of you happy and what is Alex going to do?  She isn't here, CAW, CAW!

YES, you are seeing correctly, it is STAMPS!  Don't worry, I am safe, these are not from Alex's personal collection, although she does have, and often uses, this very set.  This was donated for me to give away by Lynette at Sweet Pea Stamps.   It is the Cupcakes and Presents plate at Sweet Pea Stamps.

I know you want this, reeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllly want it, right?  I can just hear you saying "Edgar, quit teasing and tell me how to win!".  I am going to make it EASY.  Head on over to the overstock SALE page at Sweet Pea Stamps HERE.  Leave a comment telling me which is your favorite image and you are entered to win.  I will pick a winner Monday morning and post it on the BLOG before Alex totally freaks out and locks me up.

Later Lovelies!


Stempelientje said...

Hey cool you are doing out you won't get caught! Well I tell you wich one I like best,and that is Anna Marine's Dark Thoughts,as she reminds me of little red riding hood,and I just LOVE fairy tales.actually I see If I can make a order right now...stttttt!

KC said...

Edgar you rock! I love that sale going on right now!!! and this lil set would look great in my collection:) my fave artiest right now is Terra Bidlespacher so I'm going to say her Grendalyn is my fave right now.

Kim Ross said...

Hi Edgar!

With purple in the name and kitties in the image, I have to go with ching-chou kuik's Purple Comfort as a favorite.

I LOVE CUPCAKES, so that prize is right up my alley! :)

Julia said...

Hey Edgar!
I loved Anna Marine's Sugar Skulls, it was really hard to pick just one.
Thanks for the opportunity to win some gorgeous stamps.

Kim said...

Hi Edgar, I'm a new follower and my favorite stamp set is Joanne Schempp's Lady bug! I think it is sooooo cute:)

Betty said...

Oh Edgar this is a hard one - Lisa Victoria's Baby Sweet Dreams has always been a favorite but I LOVE
Rebecca Sinz's designs:Black Winter Day, Regal, Feral and Mischief. I do not think I am good enough with my coloring to do them justice tho :(