Friday, February 17, 2012

BLOG Award

WOW- I am so honored.  Thank you so much Lorraine.  Your talent is amazing and I love looking at your creations.  This particular award is one I had not heard of.  I am going to copy and paste the description Lorraine has so I don't mess it up!

These awards give small bloggers with less than 200 followers some well deserved recognition for their creations. Here are the rules:

Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.

  • Link back to the blogger who presented the award to you.
  • Copy and paste the blog award on your blog.
  • Present the Liebster Blog Award to 5 blogs of 200 followers or less who you feel deserve to be noticed.
  • Let them know they have been chosen by leaving a comment at their blog. 

After much discussion, Edgar and I have finally narrowed it down to five.  In no particular order, they are:

1. Alison - 21st Century Pillow Book - I love the way Alison creates.  She is never afraid to step outside the box and go with what she wants to make.  She also has one of the kindest hearts of anyone I know.  I often refer to her as 'my friend Alison' and I hope she doesn't mind.

2. Sara - Welcome to My Darkside - I have only recently had the opportunity to see Sara's work.  This girl can do some amazing things with glitter!!!  So happy I have had the chance to get to know her through the Internet.

3. Connie - SoDak Stamping - Techniques, techniques, techniques.  I often tell Connie that one day I am going to show up on her doorstep to 'play'.  I hope she knows I am serious.  Connie inspires me to try all sorts of new things, looks and ways of using materials.

4. Crom - Crom's Cubby Hole - This is one of Edgar's favorite blogs.  Crom is SO amazing talented.  The variety of her work and the vision she has and creates with just completely blows us both away.  I am pretty sure that one day Edgar is going to go live at her house instead of with me.

5. Micki - Artful Xpressions - Every time I visit Micki's BLOG my jaw drops and you hear "WOW" come out of my mouth.  I love the way she uses color.  I also really appreciate how she shares her creative process.  Including when things don't go quite the way she meant for them to and how she deals with it.

So- there they are.  Five BLOGS that I can not even believe don't have over 200 followers because I stalk them like crazy!  Check them out, you won't be disappointed and you will probably be inspired!

Get Inky!


Sara a.k.a. Eternal Princess Ryan said...

Alex... You are such a doll to have pasted such a wonderful award to me! And Wow... Thank you so much for the build up! Yes, I LOVE my glitter... It is a staple to me just like glue, food, and cappuccino! You are the best and I love to stop by your blog and facebook page often also! I will be sure to pass along this wonderful award! I have to put my thinking cap on now! Thank You again and Have a wonderful weekend!

Susan said...

YEA!!!! CONGRATS ALEX!!! you definitely deserve it!

AND...the blogs you picked are very deserving also. I LOVE them(especially, Alison, Sara and Crom...not familiar with the other 2 but will be checking them out!)

CONGRATS to you all!
Alex's friend...Susan :)

Alison said...

My dear, dear, friend are so kind and wonderful! And super deserving of this award. How do you not have more followers??? Thank you so much for giving me this award, I will be posting it with joy and gratitude. You have chosen some wonderful blogs, I am in great company. I could go on and on, but let me just say this... I <3 you!!!

Micki said...

Awwww Alex, you totally deserve that Liebster Award. You always bring a smile to my face, brighten my day and the way you always support my crafty endeavors..... you're the best! And THANK YOU so much for passing this great award to me. I know the other gals are so deserving and I'm pretty honored to be in that group. Luv ya.

Connie said...

Wow Alex! What can I say? To tell the truth I just fly by the seat of my pants most times...LOL
I am so glad we have become such good friends and watch out! If I get near you I might just drop in to see my favorite Gf some day!
I am honored you think I deserve this honor. I think you are the deserving one and I admire your art each day.