Sunday, October 31, 2010

31 Days of Halloween - Day 31

DAY 31!?!?!  Do you know what that means?  I means that TODAY is HALLOWEEN!   We have been waiting all month long and it is HERE!!!  I am pretty sure this means that you will never again see anything gothic, or creepy or skeleton related on this blog after today.  - Yep, I crack myself up!  Any of you who know Alex even just a tiny bit know THAT is a big fat lie!  LOL!

For the grand finale of 31 Days of Halloween, Alex is allowing me to share a teeny tiny portion of the altered book she is working on.  Now this is only one of several, she seems to have a couple going at a time so regardless of her mood, one might fit for creative purposes.  I did NOT pick the mermaid one, although that is really something, I did pick the one more fitting for Halloween.

 Here is a close up of the left side of this particular page in the book.  I know that one time Alex was around when a spider nest opened and if you have never seen this before, it is super cool and creepy all at the same time.  Me, I like to think of it as a feast for all, but not everyone has the same taste as I do.  Alex worked to try and get the same feel with these spiders emerging from the page.  Makes ME hungry just looking at it.
 The right side of the spread is less spider and more web and bones.
 The bugs caught in the web do make me feel like perhaps I shouldn't write blog posts hungry.  I thought it was only grocery shopping or gardening that had that rule, but I guess not.

 While Alex wasn't looking I snapped a shot of another page in the book.  This one is a bit difficult to capture with a camera, but these images are all stamped and embossed in silver.  There is also a lot of loose embossing powder that she melted just where it landed.  I hope you can appreciate how gorgeous, in a truly Halloween manner, this particular page is.
 Well, now that Halloween has arrived and my 31 Days have ended I bid you all a fond farewell.  Lizzie seems to be a tad family orientated and has taken me in immediately.  I am not certain this is all for the best, but as of right now, it is working for us.  We are planning to take some travels, perhaps even to visit the Flamingo Queen herself (oops, I almost left off the 'O', that was not quite right!).  I will be certain there are pictures and we share our adventures if so!   In the meantime, be nice to Alex, she is a bit out of practice on this whole blogging thing you know.

Happy Halloween!


Teri said...

This is truly AWESOME!! Tell Alex she is a creative wizard! Love those spiders - yep that works for me - ugh!
Will miss you Ed, hope you'll be sticking around?
Teri x

DonnaMundinger said...

Oh Edgar, we'll miss you so!!! Please come back and visit from time to time. These pages are amazing! I would so like to start something like this but really have no clue how to start. So so creative! Happy Halloween! xxD

Alison said...

A shout out! Thank you, Edgar! It has been an absolute pleasure reading your posts this entire month. You are a wonderful host! I wish you and Lizzie all the best.

Please tell Alex that I think her book is amazing...although the spiders really creep me out! It is going to be sick when it's done! Incredible job!

Happy Halloweenie!

Lynette said...

What an AWESOME altered book. You created the most amazing page with the spiders spilling out of it.

Thank you so much your sharing and inspiration, and leaving the wonderful comments you did.

Happy Halloween!!!

Croms' Cubby Hole said...

Edgar - what ever you decide to do - I hope you enjoy it. We'll miss you for sure... although not the jokes like that queen one! That book is spectacular for sure. I hope you left a few spiders behind. That silver page has a feel ghostly aura about it, Thank you for sneaking that pic in.
Take care and Happy Halloween to you and Alex
Helen xx

Danielle said...

Bye Edgar! I'll miss you!!
Alex, you know your demented right? Freakin Edgar!!! You are NUTS!
And your "non gothic, non..." lie too! Madness!
But this book? Awesome! You make a pretty mean altered book my friend! Can't wait to see more! Both more of this book, and some of the others too!
Have a happy and safe Halloween!!

Stitchinwitch said...

That is a beautiful altered book. Edgar can you persuade Alex to show her others sometime?
Please visit soon

Jane said...

Happy Halloween
Your book is awesome I love it
Luv Jane xxx

Danni said...

I will miss you Edgar! Good luck in your travels!

ldfdesign said...

the book is fabolous!!!! edgar enjoy your travels, it was a pleasure reading your post, it won't be the same without you! please let alex know that i found all of her project very awesome this whole month!

AnItA mArIe said...

wow girl this is freakin amazing book,the spiders are awesome....HAPPY HALLOWEEN...hugz Anita

KC said...

great book so far! love the spiders! sorry for scaring you on my blog...its been great visiting all month! hope to see ya flyin around!

Happy Halloween

Steph said...

Love those pages in the altered book! Those spiders are super creepy and really cool look with all the silver. Edgar it's been so fun and you are a fab blogger I hope Alex keeps us all updated on your future endeavors, I'll be visiting her blog quite often as she is a smashing artist! Happy Halloween!

SuzieQ said...

Alex you did a fantastic job with this challenge - will miss Edgar much ;)