Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1000 Sheets of Paper and BLOG Candy

I absolutely HAVE to share this with you. One- because I want to win, LOL and Two- because I find this AMAZING on so many levels! Not the least of which is she kept track!

Amy makes cards. She maks a LOT of cards! She has been keeping track, and last week cut into her 1000th sheet of paper in the process of making cards. Here is a picture of what 1000 sheets looks like! (shhhhhhhhhhh, I know that many of us have taller stacks, don't think about what that means!!!)
To celebrate this milestone event, Amy is giving away blog candy to several people. The prizes include - you guessed it - paper and some fabulous stamps~!

Amy has SEVERAL different prizes to give away and has made certain there are even prizes available for those without blogs. Be certain to congratulate Amy as well as enter to win!!!

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