Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

The prelude to mine, wasn't as uneventful as I would have liked. DH called me from a basketball game and asked me to get a bucket of ice water ready and see if I could get some crutches rented from the pharmacy. When he got home, his ankle looked like this only even more swollen. After a few minutes in the ice water his foot started to swell and I told him we were headed to the ER. He didn't put up much of fight so anyone who knows my DH realizes he was in a LOT of pain.
After several hours, the end result is a really bad sprain with follow up in a week'ish to be certain there isn't a stress fracture or ligament damage. Everyone, including the nurse, was surprised that the x-rays didn't show a break.
After we got home, about midnight, I was turning off lights and closing up the house for the night. I came into the bedroom and there was a Valentine's card waiting for me on my pillow. Despite what we had just been through, he surprised me with the card. He typically hides them someplace for me to find in the morning, but decided that he might have a hard time accomplishing that this year :) I think I'll keep him.

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