Friday, July 21, 2006

Motivated Moms

I am so very, very excited! I have a friend who directed me to this site. I LOVE them. I printed out the samples and used them for a few days. I have now decided that they are worth every penny and happily gave them my $4 for the rest of the year. Motivated Moms. What a great name :).

Now I know that for many of you this would seem like a complete waste of $4. Please know that I have tried over and over again to create these on my own and have been completely unsuccessful. I just couldn't get it quite right and was continually starting over. I am very happy to just add a bit or skip a bit with these and they cover the important things :). I still love FlyLady and her concepts, but these lists are a lifesaver (house saver) for me.

Next on my "list" is to delegate some things to my children. I know that I am not doing them any favors by not teaching them how to care for a home and that the responsibilities are shared in the family, but it is also pretty hard for me to let go. Soon, very soon.

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