Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Back to it.......

The vacation is finished and the catch up time at home is finished and now it is time to return to your regularly scheduled programming.
It was great that we got to see so many people. We had the opportunity to visit with three different groups of family. They are all wonderful people and were fantastic to spend time with. If would have been nice to spend more time with all of them, but it was just not possible.

I did some self examination and learned a bit while away just because of all the events and surroundings (trust me, this was not planned soul searching :)). Things in life seem to take time or money and occasionally both. There are trade offs for each and I haven't been able to balance them well with the constancy I would like. I also seem to think that I can have both and so haven't made decisions as to which is more important and exactly what that means both day to day and long term. Now I know my "problem" I can get to work on it. Hopefully that will mean resolution on some internal conflicts soon and with that will come peace!

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