Thursday, May 04, 2006

Eye candy

My copy of Altered Arts arrived yesterday. Now, I should be doing a million things but what I WANT to do is look at this. I always find some amazing things to ooooooooh and aaaaaaaaaaaaah over. The articles are nice and short, but full of information. The adds always have neat project ideas and things to look at.

I didn't always like this particular style. The collage style seemed a bit "odd" to me. Over time, I have come to really like it. It seems to hold so much of a person's soul in the work. I even enjoy pieces that are not done in colors or styles I am particularly fond of (the item on this month's cover is a perfect example). I still appreciate the work and the creativity and the vision in the item. I want to create things like this. I am just so intimidated. It all seems like something I should make in a studio with paint splatters on the walls and shelves lined with all sorts of goodies and since I don't have a studio.................

I need to just get brave and start a project. I know if I began one, I would do great things (for me anyway). Sometimes the getting started is what is intimidating. Know what I mean?

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