Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Where O Where have my little stamps gone?

Where O Where can they be?

Seriously! I have two different little alphabet stamp sets. The ones that are perfect for stamping on ribbon or just little generals "things" on scrapbook pages and cards. I have two because they are different fonts. One is pretty generic and one is a bit curly. Well, I can only find the generic one! I wanted to move the storage of the curly one into a bullet holder (yes, a bullet holder) because they are the perfect size. Originally I only had one of these and it currently holds the generic alpha set. This weekend I was given (THANK YOU!!!) a second one and I have spent the last three days looking for the alpha set! I swear I knew exactly where it was, but now, I have searched everywhere I can think of and no alpha so I have this poor lonely bullet box :(.

Here alpha, alpha!!

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