Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Mailed :)

The comfortghan I was working on for Heartmade Blessings went out today. I think it turned out rather nice and I hope it brings comfort to the recipient. What do you think? The center square second row down was designed and made by Drew
It is his Groovy Loops square and is really a lot of fun! Many thanks to all the square makers for their contribution to these comfortghans. It would not be possible to provide so much comfort without their help.
Speaking of square makers, Janet sent me a box FULL of squares for the Operation Purple Heart project. They arrived yesterday and not only are they beautiful and perfect, she sent 36 squares! That is enough for three complete comfortghans. Thank you so much Janet!!

So, while I was out at the Post Office, I hopped on over to JoAnns. They currently have 50% off their own line of scrapbook accessories. I participate in a monthly page goal through a Yahoo group, Love to Scrap, and the other two people in my group made goal so I needed to pick up their goody to mail. There is a $2 suggested amount. I figure at 50% off that means I can get something a bit nicer and still stay in guidelines. I hope they enjoy what I send :).

I have to say that both the good and the bad in human nature always catches me off guard. Unfortunately I had an opportunity to experience the bad today. On the way back I was coming down the hill towards the turn off for my neighborhood. This is a main street and at that point the speed limit is changing from 45 to 35. At this time it happened to be pretty empty and myself and a van several cars lengths behind me we the only ones going north. A Mamma Duck was walking her babies across the road. Not the smartest duck, but there was plenty of time to stop without any slamming of brakes, so I did. The van behind me came to a gradual stop behind me and then proceeded to throw a fit that I had stopped. Folks, there is no way I could have NOT stopped and lived with myself. Now, had the road been packed and it not been safe to do so, that would have been a different story, but really. Why didn't they just go in the other lane?

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~drew emborsky~ said...

The comfortghan looks awesome! WTG!!!