Monday, June 27, 2005


First, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who left comments and sent me email. I appreciate your kind words and encouragement more than you can know.

Well, the latest news is that my baby brother is bringing a, get this, GIRL to my Mom's for the 4th of July!! Now, not only is he bringing her, but he is driving 3 hours to pick her up and then another 3 to take her back. Sounds rather serious, hmmmmmmmmmmm? Wish I was going to be there, but I already have plans here so it won't happen, but maybe the way things are going I will meet her very soon! She met the birthday rule so now we just need to find out her middle name to see if she fits that one. Regardless, if she meets one and he is bringing her home, it means it is time for me to get busy with a gift idea!!

Speaking of gifts, I have finally selected a pattern, ok three, for the gift for my due to arrive in August niece. I have also selected the yarn and actually am using some of what I have on hand so that is a blessing. Especially after spending this weekend going through it all, reboxing, and moving out of Brandt's closet. Guess it is time for him to be able to use it, but that was a huge project!! At least it is done now!

Current comfortghan is in the wash and will go in the mail tomorrow. I'll take a picture before I pack it up and figure out how to share it with you.

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