Friday, May 11, 2012

Powerful Beyond Measure

I got busy with some more art journaling.  This is really a lot of fun and quite soothing.  I love the rules for art journaling.  They are 'NO RULES'!!!

This started out WAY different than it ended up.  There was some gesso cover up involved along the way and a complete shift of direction, but THAT is exactly what makes this so fun!

This left side had some images stamped, some Silks with templates and such, but it wasn't coming together and was frustrating me, so out came the gesso and a paintbrush.  Once it dried, it was still too transparent so out it came again for a second coat.  The great thing, see all those lovely brush strokes?  Those are from the gesso and showing through the layer of Silks in Honey Amber I put on top of it.  THAT made me happy.  The 'polka dots' are created with bubble wrap dipped in a mixture of Mica Power, gum arabic and a touch of water then just dabbed on top to see what happens.  I wrote the Quote in a paint pen and the picture was taken as I was charging into the finish area of a Spartan Race.  Once I made it past the Gladiators, I crossed the line after 8 1/2 miles and 20+ obstacles including things like a barb wire crawl, climbing over , 8 & 12 foot walls, hauling sandbags, traipsing through mud pits and lots and lots of other fabulous things.

The right side I did not have to gesso over.  The background is Silks in Honey Amber, the ground has a layer of Scarab Beetle Mica mixed with glaze over the top.  The clouds are Viva Decor Prcious Metals in silver applied with a spounge.  I stamped the image from Street Views stamp collection onto an old book page and cut it out.  The brush in the image is colored with a gum arabic, water and Fern Mica powder mix.  The buildings are painted with a coat of the gum arabic, water and the Solar Gold Mica power.  The words in the clouds read 'What is in your way?'

So, what is in your way?  What is stopping you from getting messy and playing?  What can you create?

Get Inky!


Danni said...

You are rocking the art journal pages! Simply fabulous!

Daniella said...

I'm so happy you found art journaling! It is very fun and cathartic too!!
Great job!

Dottie said...

I love your pages! Art journaling is amazing to me. There is a sort of magic to the process. As the pages go through their transformation, I find myself being transformed to a more peaceful, calm, contented place as well.